From the Clayton, GA Days Inn

I am writing this from a computer in Clayton, GA! I am staying at a hotel before I go to Camp Ramah Darom. As a said in my post Camp Ramah, I am going there for a month with my classmates Noah, Casey, Cayla, Rachel, and Lily. I will be posting my Ramah journal on my blog on a new page coming soon called “Ramah Journal”. Stay tuned! I won’t be posting for a while because at Ramah I have no access to a computer.


100! (For the Third Time)

This post is my 100th post! As I said in Happy New Year, My goal for my blog was to write 100 posts and get 1000 visitors by the end of the school year. I achieved 1000 visitors a while ago. But now I’ve completed 100 posts with 3 1/2 days to spare! That’s right. Only 3 1/2 days to spare! If you want to check out my other 100 posts, click here or here. For this post I want to ask something special from my visitors: Post a comment on this post saying which of my posts you liked the best.

Creating an Educational Game

Today I created a game on an app called Tiny Tap for grades 1-3. I created it with Ethan. Click here to see his post about our project. We called our game Mah B’Kitah? (What’s in the classroom?) We put a picture of a classroom and asked the player to find what we said. If they got it right, we’d say Tov Meod! Zeh…! (Good job! That is a…!) If they got it wrong we’d say so.

I liked this project because I thought it was fun to make a game. I also liked my partnership with Ethan. I think we’re a good team. To improve the app, I wish that there was extra additions that you could put on the game. I felt like the app was good but a little thin on what you could do.