Super Savannah Trip!

Yesterday my class and 4th Grade went to Savannah, Georgia. We left at 7:00 A.M. It was a nice 3-hour bus ride. We played on our electronics that we brought from home. Then we arrived at the Welcome Center, where we watched a movie about Savannah’s history and took pictures at the museum. Next, we got on the bus and drove to the First Black Baptist Church.

The church was built by slaves during the pre-Civil War era. They had to do it at night in secret. A humorous guide was telling us about the church’s history. There was a underground passage that hid runaway slaves during the Underground Railroad time. I learned a lot about the church and its five floors. Then, we got on the bus and ate lunch at the City Market.

My grandfather (who took me to Savannah) and I went to a candy store in the market. They had buckets full of candy and homemade treats! I got candy buttons. Then, a nice man dressed as a Revolutionary War General walked us around the city. We saw a Tom-O-Chi-Chi’s grave and cleaned a rock. We then drove to Fort Jackson, a Confederate fort in service for 57 years.

At Fort Jackson were were greeted by a Confederate Corporal. We all were “recruited” into the Georgia State Militia. We were split into two groups and taken to many stations, where we learned the grueling life of a Confederate soldier. You faced a shortage of uniforms, countless diseases, and a hard, hard fight. We had a memorable time as soldiers. Next, we got on the bus and drove to an old synagogue.

We couldn’t go to close to the synagogue because it was in the historic part of Savannah, and cars aren’t allowed there. We had to cut the trip short because rain and lighting were pouring down hard and it would be unsafe to walk in that. Sad, we drove back home to Jacksonville. At one point, we were in the middle of a storm and had to stop driving for a minute. there was hail, and leaves and twigs were flying everywhere. Thankfully, we got home safe.

All in all, I think I would rate this trip a 7/10, because of the rain and not being able to see the synagogue. My favorite place was boot camp at Fort Jackson. My least favorite activity was walking in the city. I think that classes in the future should go but attend the synagogue first.


Fort Jackson from a distance.

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