Review About Fifth Grade

The end of fifth grade is approaching and I’m reflecting on what happened this year. One thing that I’ll definitely remember about Fifth Grade is the spelling pre-tests. In our class, we have a spelling pre-test every Monday, and if you got a 100% on one, then you got two 100s in the grade book and didn’t have to do the spelling packet. Another thing I’ll remember is when this one time, pretty much everybody was addicted to this game called Bloons Tower Defence 3.

I’ll definitely remember everybody in this class. Everybody had their special qualities. From Casey, who ALWAYS laughed, to Sydney, one great singer. A lot of funny things happened this year. One thing that happened is a person dressed as Elmo jumped at Barbie, Shoshana and Talya and scared them half to death. The video is below. Another funny thing that happened is one Friday, a bunch of us were giving each other shocks. One last funny thing is the Photobooth videos that I made.

I will definitely miss my teacher Mrs. Zavon. I’ll also miss my friends Ethan and Justin, who are leaving this year. When I’m 56, I’m pretty sure I’ll remember my Photobooth videos and the spelling pre-tests.



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