3 Kinds of Rocks (A Rhyming Poem)

Hey everybody, there are 3 kinds of rocks, rocks, rocks

The first one is igneous, and surgeons used it to make flintlocks, flintlocks, flintlocks

It forms when melted rock is cooled, cooled, cooled,

Underground, on Earth’s surface but not in a pool, pool, pool

The second type is metamorphic, it is formed by pressure, pressure, pressure

One mountain on top of a rock, then you got a rock that has endured, endured, endured

The last one is strange as can be, it is called sedimentary, sedimentary, sedimentary

It is formed by rock debris squished together, it can be used to make boundaries, boundaries, boundaries

That is pretty much it, it, it

Now you don’t have to sit, sit, sit (Through my poem)

Granite- an igneous rock.

Image Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/selias22/30351721/



3 thoughts on “3 Kinds of Rocks (A Rhyming Poem)

  1. Jake to work on your poem you need to have more imagery. I loved the idea you used some advanced words for your age, but they don’t make sense in some of your lines. You were a good speaker in your poem. Also you used some sound devices which are elements that appeal to the readers ear.

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