My View of MJGDS 50 Years Ago

Imagine… It is 1962… you’re looking at your new classroom… Everybody is with their best friends. Nobody is wearing uniforms. Sometimes the boys get mischievous and play tricks on the teacher. But woe to them if they get caught. They’d have to write 100 times, “I will show respect for my teachers.” The girls wore long skirts. If they wore pants or short skirts, the would be sent home. Imagine the anger if you were a parent and you’re daughter was sent home!

They teachers were also strict, and sometimes they tended to be mean. Step one toe out of line, and you’re in hot water. Sometimes you went to Shabbas services with your father. You said some of the prayers you learned in class. The Rabbis were nice. Occasionally, after services, they would give you a piece of candy. You like the sweet cherry flavor.

Classwork was OK. You had math, language arts, social studies, and science along with Judaic Studies. You had at least 1 test or quiz per week in spelling and math. There was a science and social studies test twice a month. The teachers give you about 3 items of homework per day, not including Judaic Studies. Once in a while, you would walk the mile from your house to the school in Downtown Jacksonville.

That is what I think my school was like 50 years ago. I hope you enjoyed my essay! If you were a MJGDS student 50 years ago, please comment and tell me if this is accurate. Thanks!






One thought on “My View of MJGDS 50 Years Ago

  1. Such a different worls it was 50 years ago. Even 15 years ago! So much has changed in our world. We must be willing to change with it to remain in-tune with the secular side. However, Judaism remains the same. I think I will stick with the latter 🙂

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