My ABC Advice

A- Accept anything given to you politely.

B- Be nice.

C- “C” that the truth is told.

D- Do a good turn daily.

E- Everybody should work together!

F- Feel good about yourself.

G- Great minds do great things.

H- Hail those who do good.

I- Inspire others.

J- Just do mitzvot.

K- Kindness counts.

L- Listen to your elders.

M- Money does not buy friendship.

N- No to drugs and alcohol.

O- Optimism for life.

P- Patience is a virtue!

Q- Quiet voices inside.

R- Read, read, read!

S- Size does not mean quality.

T- The truth can hurt.

U- “U” can change the world.

V- Various kinds of acts are good.

W- Who says you should quit?

X- Xenophobia- don’t have it!

Y- Yeasty actions aren’t always good.

Z- Zest is important in life.




4 thoughts on “My ABC Advice

  1. Hi Jake!

    My name is Margaret Burke and I am a student at Kansas State University- Salina. I must say that I really like your ABC advise. My favorite is “M- Money cannot buy friendship”. I can just see from your blog that you are really into blogging. Keep up the good work!


  2. Good advice Jake! In my grade, we were doing the same thing as an assighnment. By any chance did you get the idea from looking at one of our blogs? I disagree with the one that says “size does not mean quality”. I understand where your comming from but, things can be very small or very big and still have a lot of quality. What do you think?
    ( Please comment on my blog the answer)

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