My ABC Advice

A- Accept anything given to you politely.

B- Be nice.

C- “C” that the truth is told.

D- Do a good turn daily.

E- Everybody should work together!

F- Feel good about yourself.

G- Great minds do great things.

H- Hail those who do good.

I- Inspire others.

J- Just do mitzvot.

K- Kindness counts.

L- Listen to your elders.

M- Money does not buy friendship.

N- No to drugs and alcohol.

O- Optimism for life.

P- Patience is a virtue!

Q- Quiet voices inside.

R- Read, read, read!

S- Size does not mean quality.

T- The truth can hurt.

U- “U” can change the world.

V- Various kinds of acts are good.

W- Who says you should quit?

X- Xenophobia- don’t have it!

Y- Yeasty actions aren’t always good.

Z- Zest is important in life.




Super Blogging Challenge Results

Teams 2 and 3, sadly, didn’t write the posts. So they will be suspended. Now it’s down to Teams 1 and 4. Barbie and Brianna, Team 1, wrote two posts about Math. Zach, Team 4, also wrote a post about math. It was hard to decide, but Team 1 is the winner. Since 3 out of four teams are suspended, I’ll have to end the blogging challenge. Well done Team 1!

My Widgets

I have LOTS of widgets on my blog. The first one I added is my calendar. I added it so people know when I wrote my posts and what day it is now. The second and third ones I added are my pets, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Pup. I added them just because they’re so cute! Next, I’m going to talk about my Clustrmap. It is convenient because I can see how many visitors I have and where  they come from.

Another widget I added and like is my “introduction” widget. I just said, “Hi. I’m Jake. I am 10. Please comment on my blog. I will try to get back to you.” I think it is important, still. The last widget I want to talk about is my Archives. I adjusted it so it shows every month and how many posts that I wrote in that month. I think it is useful because I can go back to a post quickly and see how many I have.

You can get virtual pets at

Acquire a Clustrmap at


Traveling to the United Kingdom

I have always wished to go to the U.K. It has a very eventful history. Since I love history, I would like to go. I heard that there is lots of good museums in Britain. There actually is British blood in my family! There is lots of cool sights to see. I am amazed by Stonehenge. How is it that people were able to lift enormous rocks like that?

There are also many legends about Britain. One legend is that England will fall unless 7 ravens are pinned to London Tower! I think it would be interesting to see everything to see about the U.K.!

Super Blogging Challenge: Week 1

Welcome everyone to the SUPER BLOGGING CHALLENGE! As of today, we have 8 participants. They will be split up into four teams and compete in writing posts. The teams are:

Team 1- Barbie and Brianna

Team 2- Harri311 and Mark

Team 3- Dr.Mitzmacher and Chris

Team 4- Itamar and Zach

First Challenge: Your School

I want to know about your school. Believe it or not,  half of the participants in this blogging challenge have blogs because of THEIR SCHOOL. I want to know what you like about your school. When I know about your school, I’ll know about you a bit more.

1. Write about your school’s lunch system OR its education system: Team 3 against Team 2

2. Write a post or create a Voki about your favorite school subject: Team 1 against Team 4

Points System

Every team gets one point for each activity they do. If you do both activites it counts as a extra point. If your team wins, you get 1 extra point. I will post every teams’ scores at the end of every post. When you have published your post, please leave a comment on my blog saying you have with a link.


Interview With a 1700’s Slave

Me: Do you live in the North or South?

Slave: I live in the South, but it is harder here.

Me: What is it like, living on a Southern plantation?

Slave: Well, we work a lot. We get up with the sun and work ’til the moon. And we rarely get an opportunity to earn money.

Me: Do you keep African culture? If so, how?

Slave: Yes, we do. We make African instruments, but our owners disapprove. They think that we are sending messages to each other!

Me: Has your family been separated?

Slave: Yes. Fortunately, I have my sister on this plantation with me. Others aren’t so lucky.

Me: What is your profession?

Slave: I am a tailor. I mend my owner’s clothes and I makes clothes that my owner sells.

Three Posts to Look at

For the SBC, challenge 1, we have to recommend three posts for people to read. I chose these three posts. The first one is from a kid called Robby:

Valentines Day

by  on Feb.14, 2012, under Uncategorized

Happy Valentines Day.Today the state Arizona is 100.Most of the other states in the U.S.A have already turned 100 the only two states that still haven’t are Hawaii and Alaska.

Some people think that Valentines Day came from rome.When there emperor was wondering why all of his men where not joining the military so he canceled all of the marriges and loves.He called it St. Valentines.Then it got a little bit changed then came down to America were we started to have a valentines day were  loved ones would exchange gifts from one and another.

I thought that this post was very informative about the history of Valentine’s Day. He also told about another event that happened on the same. He had some grammatical mistakes, but that’s really the only bad thing I could find about it. Another post I thought is informative is by Tristan:

The start of my year

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2012 by tristian

It is the start of my year and I have had a fun time.   I have learnt a lot about democracy and in the early days how the womens were not allowed to vote until 1908.

Australias first federal government was  in 1901 and also there was Australias first Prime Minister whose name was Edmund  Barton.

Although her post is short and has a few grammatical mistakes, it does give many interesting facts. The title is a real “grabber”- it makes you want to read the post. I never knew that much about Australia’s government! The last post I want to show is titled “Halloween“:


Wednesday October 26th 2011, 6:26 pm
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I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. Do you like Halloween? This year I am being a penguin. Last year I was The Sweet Mad Hatter. What are you being for Halloween? I am going Trick or Treating with my friend Lauren, Allison, and Madalyn. Who are you going Trick or Treating with? One reason why I love Halloween is because I love seeing all the cool costumes because they give me ideas on what I should be for next year. I also love Halloween because I get a bunch of candy! My favorite types of candy would have to be Rolos, Hersheys Milk Chocolate, Gummy Bears, Lollipops(anykind), Skittles, M&M’s, and Air Heads. What are your favorite types of candy?

I liked how she told a lot why she likes Halloween. I only found 2 minor mistakes in her post.She was very informative about one of her favorite holidays. Great job!


Jake’s Super Blogging Challenge!

Hi! I’m going to be hosting something called the Super Blogging Challenge. You are going to have to complete things such as write a post or add a widget. If you want to join, it’s very simple. Just put the following in a comment on THIS POST:

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Please give me you’re e-mail address, if you have one. That way I will put it in my contacts so I can e-mail you when the next challenge comes up. If you don’t have an e-mail account, that’s OK. But you will have to remember to look on my blog for the next challenge.

We’ll start the Super Blogging Challenge on March 12. By then I will have a post containing the first Challenge. You will have one week to do each challenge. Every time, 2 teams will be facing off against each other. If you’re team wins, then you get a point. 3 points to win! Then, I will have the best two teams face off against each other once. Whoever wins this will have the best, most super blog!