A Review of “Lunch Money”

I read Lunch Money by Andrew Clements. It features Greg Kenton, a 6th grader whose main goal in life is to become rich. Greg has been very successful with making money in the past: when he deposited his first amount of money, it as about $3,000! But every time Greg tries to make money, this copycat girl named Maura Shaw always does the same thing as him!

Then, one day, Greg realizes that school is the best place for him to make his fortune! He starts to sell toys, and it first he is successful. But then he gets in trouble with selling toys and has to stop. Next, Greg thinks some more- He realizes that he could sell comic books. Teachers were always pushing you to read, so Greg started selling Chunky Comics. Then, a series called “Eentsy Bentsy Books” come out. Greg has a good idea of who is selling them…

I would recommend this book to people who like Andrew Clements and realistic fiction.