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Benjamin Franklin was born at Boston in 1706. One of the things that he was is a water baby. He LOVED to swim. In fact, when he created a school, one of the subjects he insisted on was swimming lessons! He also became a printer apprentice to his brother. James, his brother, was much crueler to him than he was to other apprentices, which led him to run away to Philadelphia. He made Philadelphia the safest city in the world, at the time. He installed a volunteer fire department, a better police station, and a fort to protect against pirates!

Ben Franklin would’ve not been surprised at today’s technology. He always said that this country would grow up to be a good one. He invented many things himself. That’s another thing he was : an inventor. Anyway, I think he would most like airplanes because when he visited France as an ambassador, he saw air balloons. Although many people didn’t like the idea of air transportation, he approved of it very greatly. In fact, he said that aircraft could be used to transport troops and that people could be launched behind enemy lines, from aircraft. This turned out to be true, as of today’s paratroopers.

In total, Ben Franklin was a Water Baby, Schoolboy, Apprentice, Runaway, Printer, Good Citizen, Ambassador, Friend, Merchant, Postmaster, Editor,American, and so many other things!

To find out more about Franklin click here or here.

We had to write this post for a Social Studies I.R. (Independent Research). We were learning about the pre- American Revolution era and in my group, we had to write a biography of Benjamin Franklin. In our biography, we had to write an accurate account of his life, with two other points: Would he be surprised by today’s technology and what invention would he be most amazed at?

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  1. I never thought about Ben Franklin liking the airplane. Great thought!
    Make sure you always proof your work. You are too good of a writer to make careless mistakes.

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