Endangered Elephants

Elephants are my favorite animal. They are big, gray, and amazing! There are two types of elephants: African and Indian. The way you can tell is that African elephants’ ears are shaped like the continent of Africa, and Indian elephants have ears shaped like India. Interestingly, the Indian elephant is more related to the extinct mammoth than the African elephant! Elephants can live up to 70 years, and the biggest African elephant was about 18,000 pounds and stood over 12 feet tall. Elephants need salt to live, and sometimes up to 1,000 square miles of space!

Elephants are famous for their being smart. Their intelligence level is compared to be like dolphin’s and primates. Sometimes, a lion will take a baby elephant or a weak adult elephant, although their only real predator is humans. Poachers often kill elephants for their tusks and them sell the ivory for money. Elephants raise their trunks to greet friends or to smell for enemies. As I said, elephants are often hunted for their ivory. This means that they are usually hunted. But, hunting is being prevented. Nowadays, people usually buy plastic or other things instead of ivory, so elephant population is gradually coming back. Save the elephants!

To find out more about elephants, you could click here or here.





9 thoughts on “Endangered Elephants

  1. Dear Jake,

    I enjoyed reading your post on the elephant. Too many animals are endangered nowadays. It’s good the elephants population is rising.


  2. I only knew they were smart. I didn’t know the other stuff. I like the part about the ears. Somebody sent me this thing about an elephant sanctuary. I looked for it on google to give you a website name, but it wasn’t there.

  3. Dear Jake,
    I didn’t know that the ears were shaped like that. It makes it easier for me to tell because I never knew that. You can count on me to help them! You know, they are one of my favorite animals I just don’t just scream it out though. Should I?

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