This is a very, VERY important day in my blog’s history- I have reached 1,000 visitors! This means I am halfway through my goal. My goal for my blog, as I said in Happy New Year, is to get 1,000 visitors and 100 posts by the end of June. I am halfway to reaching my goal, which leaves me plenty of time to comeplete 23 more posts, which is the number that I need to reach 100. I just can’t understand how I could get 1,025 visitors in about 6 months!




JEA Speaker

        Last Wednesday, February 8, was Tu’B’shvat. That is the new year for trees in Jewish religion. We prayed, had snack in the courtyard, and then went to the Social Hall. We met a woman who was a person who does programs for JEA. She was here to talk about electricity. She showed us this hand crank that, if you spinned it enough, then it would power a light bulb. Barbie tried the crank on a 60-watt bulb, Noah on a 20-watt bulb, and Shoshana on a 10-watt. Justin did all of them at once and, to my surprise, all the bulbs came in at one time! The lady also did two different activities. For the next one, she had all of us hold hands while two students held circuits. When she turned the wheel, we all felt a little electric charge in our hands! Next, she had one of those balls where if you put your hand on it, your hair stood up. I had some fun looking at how people’s hair stood up!

Morah Liat brought in the JEA speaker for a reason. I beileve that she asked the person to come today because she was talking about renewable and non-renewable resources. And that has to do with conservation, which we talk about in Tu’Bshvat.