George Carver the Gardener

George Washington Carver was born in what we believe the year 1864, in Missouri. He was a sick kid, so he couldn’t to the heavy work on a farm. Instead, he took charge of the plants. He studied- what else?- plants and chemistry in college. He became a teacher at Tuskegee Institute, and  then he discovered something that would change farming forever.

Southern farmers had been planting only cotton for over 200 years! This took all the richness out of the soil, meaning that the cotton became worse. Carver said said that if you plant different plants every year, then the plants would return the nutrients to he dirt.  But then it was so successful, so farmers were ending up with LOTS of peanuts. This inspired George Carver to find out hundreds of ways to use the peanut for. There is a story that one time Carver served important guests soup and other edibles. Imagine their surprise when they found out everything was made out of peanuts!

I think that our teacher, Mrs. Zavon, made us research George Washington Carver because he found ways to preserve the soil. He also found a way to make the average peanut  into soup, soaps, shampoo, shaving cream, even ink! This is a connection with our science chapter because we are reading ways to preserve the environment and how humans harm it.

If you want to know more about George Carver, you should visit

We had to do this post as homework. It was a Science I.R. (Independent Research) in my group. In Science we were learning about preserving the soil and as I said in my post, Mrs. Zavon made us write it because he found ways to preserve the soil. I think that I did good on my post. One reason is because I left a link so my visitors could find out more if they want to.


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    • @Mrs. Zavon If GWC hadn’t discovered crop rotation, then we all would’ve died because we wouldn’t have fruits and vegetables that would have the required amount of nourishment that our bodies need from natural organisms.

  1. Wow. Jake just because of that I know a lot more about G.W.C. You know in second grade my class read a book about G.W.C., but I think your little summery was way more sufficient.

  2. this was very informative and I liked that you put a link for more information. Is that where you discovered Carver’s history?

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