News Report Live : The Giving of Ten Commandments

Hello Israel! Babaganewz has a reporter, live at the giving of the Ten Commandments. Lets give it to our reporter, Jake!

Jake : Hi Babaganewz. I’m here at Har Sinai to witness Moshe going up the mountain to tell the commandments to Bn’ai Yisrael, and to recieve them.

Babaganewz Reporter : Why is Moshe going up the mountain? Why couldn’t G-d just say the commandments himself?

Jake : Well, I interviewed a Jew here, and this is what he said-

Well, Shumel (my Hebrew name), G-d started saying the Ten Commandments. Wow, what a racket! It was  like, 300 decibels! We heard this REALLY loud Shofar (animal horn), and then we heard this LOUD voice, calling down to us- I AM THE ONE AND ONLY GOD. YOU SHALL ONLY WORSHIP ME!! We told Moshe, “Please, say the commandments for us! We can’t take G-d’s Awesome voice! So Moshe is going to say them for us.

Babaganewz Reporter : Wow. How’s the weather over there, Jake?

Jake : Well, I’m predicting cloudy with lots of lightning. Also, I’m thinking some fire and thunder is on the way!

Babaganewz Reporter : Well, that wraps it up for today, Israel. Tune in tomorrow for Shoshana and the Hebrew Mystery!


My Best A+ Articles

I have 2 pieces of work that I am very proud of and want to show you. I am very proud of both of these Social Studies papers because they are both over 100 percent. Social Studies is my best subject, so I always get A+ in it. Doing extra credit for my second article saved my A+ report card grade. But that’s a different story, so for now let’s talk about the test. For my Social Studies test, we got to use our notes, but I barely needed them. Mrs. Zavon said that if we did all 8 problems, we would get 25 points extra credit. I did, and got all right! For the homework, we had to do 3 problems on our S.S. page. If we did the other 2, then we would get 20 extra credit points for each problem. I am especially proud of this one because even though I got 10 points off, I did extra credit so I got over a 100. Did you ever do really well on a test that you’re happy with?

A 130% homework grade for Social Studies.

My Social Studies test got a well-earned 125%.

Changes in an Ecosystem- Secondary Successions

A secondary succession is a succession that builds a ecosystem back. It happens after a disaster like a forest fire or volcano eruption. While primary succession is slow, secondary successions are fast because the dirt is already there. Occasionally, when a forest fire happens, the roots still survive. Wind brings back more seeds, and then plants start growing back again. But, there is always a primary succession in a secondary succession.