A Review of “Lunch Money”

I read Lunch Money by Andrew Clements. It features Greg Kenton, a 6th grader whose main goal in life is to become rich. Greg has been very successful with making money in the past: when he deposited his first amount of money, it as about $3,000! But every time Greg tries to make money, this copycat girl named Maura Shaw always does the same thing as him!

Then, one day, Greg realizes that school is the best place for him to make his fortune! He starts to sell toys, and it first he is successful. But then he gets in trouble with selling toys and has to stop. Next, Greg thinks some more- He realizes that he could sell comic books. Teachers were always pushing you to read, so Greg started selling Chunky Comics. Then, a series called “Eentsy Bentsy Books” come out. Greg has a good idea of who is selling them…

I would recommend this book to people who like Andrew Clements and realistic fiction.

Benjamin Franklin the…

Benjamin Franklin was born at Boston in 1706. One of the things that he was is a water baby. He LOVED to swim. In fact, when he created a school, one of the subjects he insisted on was swimming lessons! He also became a printer apprentice to his brother. James, his brother, was much crueler to him than he was to other apprentices, which led him to run away to Philadelphia. He made Philadelphia the safest city in the world, at the time. He installed a volunteer fire department, a better police station, and a fort to protect against pirates!

Ben Franklin would’ve not been surprised at today’s technology. He always said that this country would grow up to be a good one. He invented many things himself. That’s another thing he was : an inventor. Anyway, I think he would most like airplanes because when he visited France as an ambassador, he saw air balloons. Although many people didn’t like the idea of air transportation, he approved of it very greatly. In fact, he said that aircraft could be used to transport troops and that people could be launched behind enemy lines, from aircraft. This turned out to be true, as of today’s paratroopers.

In total, Ben Franklin was a Water Baby, Schoolboy, Apprentice, Runaway, Printer, Good Citizen, Ambassador, Friend, Merchant, Postmaster, Editor,American, and so many other things!

To find out more about Franklin click here or here.

We had to write this post for a Social Studies I.R. (Independent Research). We were learning about the pre- American Revolution era and in my group, we had to write a biography of Benjamin Franklin. In our biography, we had to write an accurate account of his life, with two other points: Would he be surprised by today’s technology and what invention would he be most amazed at?

Endangered Elephants

Elephants are my favorite animal. They are big, gray, and amazing! There are two types of elephants: African and Indian. The way you can tell is that African elephants’ ears are shaped like the continent of Africa, and Indian elephants have ears shaped like India. Interestingly, the Indian elephant is more related to the extinct mammoth than the African elephant! Elephants can live up to 70 years, and the biggest African elephant was about 18,000 pounds and stood over 12 feet tall. Elephants need salt to live, and sometimes up to 1,000 square miles of space!

Elephants are famous for their being smart. Their intelligence level is compared to be like dolphin’s and primates. Sometimes, a lion will take a baby elephant or a weak adult elephant, although their only real predator is humans. Poachers often kill elephants for their tusks and them sell the ivory for money. Elephants raise their trunks to greet friends or to smell for enemies. As I said, elephants are often hunted for their ivory. This means that they are usually hunted. But, hunting is being prevented. Nowadays, people usually buy plastic or other things instead of ivory, so elephant population is gradually coming back. Save the elephants!

To find out more about elephants, you could click here or here.






This is a very, VERY important day in my blog’s history- I have reached 1,000 visitors! This means I am halfway through my goal. My goal for my blog, as I said in Happy New Year, is to get 1,000 visitors and 100 posts by the end of June. I am halfway to reaching my goal, which leaves me plenty of time to comeplete 23 more posts, which is the number that I need to reach 100. I just can’t understand how I could get 1,025 visitors in about 6 months!




JEA Speaker

        Last Wednesday, February 8, was Tu’B’shvat. That is the new year for trees in Jewish religion. We prayed, had snack in the courtyard, and then went to the Social Hall. We met a woman who was a person who does programs for JEA. She was here to talk about electricity. She showed us this hand crank that, if you spinned it enough, then it would power a light bulb. Barbie tried the crank on a 60-watt bulb, Noah on a 20-watt bulb, and Shoshana on a 10-watt. Justin did all of them at once and, to my surprise, all the bulbs came in at one time! The lady also did two different activities. For the next one, she had all of us hold hands while two students held circuits. When she turned the wheel, we all felt a little electric charge in our hands! Next, she had one of those balls where if you put your hand on it, your hair stood up. I had some fun looking at how people’s hair stood up!

Morah Liat brought in the JEA speaker for a reason. I beileve that she asked the person to come today because she was talking about renewable and non-renewable resources. And that has to do with conservation, which we talk about in Tu’Bshvat.

George Carver the Gardener

George Washington Carver was born in what we believe the year 1864, in Missouri. He was a sick kid, so he couldn’t to the heavy work on a farm. Instead, he took charge of the plants. He studied- what else?- plants and chemistry in college. He became a teacher at Tuskegee Institute, and  then he discovered something that would change farming forever.

Southern farmers had been planting only cotton for over 200 years! This took all the richness out of the soil, meaning that the cotton became worse. Carver said said that if you plant different plants every year, then the plants would return the nutrients to he dirt.  But then it was so successful, so farmers were ending up with LOTS of peanuts. This inspired George Carver to find out hundreds of ways to use the peanut for. There is a story that one time Carver served important guests soup and other edibles. Imagine their surprise when they found out everything was made out of peanuts!

I think that our teacher, Mrs. Zavon, made us research George Washington Carver because he found ways to preserve the soil. He also found a way to make the average peanut  into soup, soaps, shampoo, shaving cream, even ink! This is a connection with our science chapter because we are reading ways to preserve the environment and how humans harm it.

If you want to know more about George Carver, you should visit http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/biographies_science/carver/

We had to do this post as homework. It was a Science I.R. (Independent Research) in my group. In Science we were learning about preserving the soil and as I said in my post, Mrs. Zavon made us write it because he found ways to preserve the soil. I think that I did good on my post. One reason is because I left a link so my visitors could find out more if they want to.


News Report Live : The Giving of Ten Commandments

Hello Israel! Babaganewz has a reporter, live at the giving of the Ten Commandments. Lets give it to our reporter, Jake!

Jake : Hi Babaganewz. I’m here at Har Sinai to witness Moshe going up the mountain to tell the commandments to Bn’ai Yisrael, and to recieve them.

Babaganewz Reporter : Why is Moshe going up the mountain? Why couldn’t G-d just say the commandments himself?

Jake : Well, I interviewed a Jew here, and this is what he said-

Well, Shumel (my Hebrew name), G-d started saying the Ten Commandments. Wow, what a racket! It was  like, 300 decibels! We heard this REALLY loud Shofar (animal horn), and then we heard this LOUD voice, calling down to us- I AM THE ONE AND ONLY GOD. YOU SHALL ONLY WORSHIP ME!! We told Moshe, “Please, say the commandments for us! We can’t take G-d’s Awesome voice! So Moshe is going to say them for us.

Babaganewz Reporter : Wow. How’s the weather over there, Jake?

Jake : Well, I’m predicting cloudy with lots of lightning. Also, I’m thinking some fire and thunder is on the way!

Babaganewz Reporter : Well, that wraps it up for today, Israel. Tune in tomorrow for Shoshana and the Hebrew Mystery!


My Best A+ Articles

I have 2 pieces of work that I am very proud of and want to show you. I am very proud of both of these Social Studies papers because they are both over 100 percent. Social Studies is my best subject, so I always get A+ in it. Doing extra credit for my second article saved my A+ report card grade. But that’s a different story, so for now let’s talk about the test. For my Social Studies test, we got to use our notes, but I barely needed them. Mrs. Zavon said that if we did all 8 problems, we would get 25 points extra credit. I did, and got all right! For the homework, we had to do 3 problems on our S.S. page. If we did the other 2, then we would get 20 extra credit points for each problem. I am especially proud of this one because even though I got 10 points off, I did extra credit so I got over a 100. Did you ever do really well on a test that you’re happy with?

A 130% homework grade for Social Studies.

My Social Studies test got a well-earned 125%.

Changes in an Ecosystem- Secondary Successions

A secondary succession is a succession that builds a ecosystem back. It happens after a disaster like a forest fire or volcano eruption. While primary succession is slow, secondary successions are fast because the dirt is already there. Occasionally, when a forest fire happens, the roots still survive. Wind brings back more seeds, and then plants start growing back again. But, there is always a primary succession in a secondary succession.