Putting on a Happy Face

In this week’s Be A Mensch, we are learning about Sefer Panim Yafot,¬†putting on a happy face. We were supposed to, with our family, fill out some questions as homework. One of the questions was : “When do you want to try ‘putting on a happy face’?”¬†I said I want to try putting on a happy face in the morning. Then, Morah Liat and Morah Eta said that they wanted us to put on a happy face in a situation where you usually wouldn’t and write about it. Well, this morning I put on a happy face when I woke up, something I usually don’t do. When do you try to ‘put on a happy face’?

Don’t worry : be happy!




6 thoughts on “Putting on a Happy Face

  1. So what happened when you tried putting on a happy face this morning? I think when the teachers said you should try it and write about it, they wanted you to actually share what happened or what it felt like. I sure would like to know.

    It really is a good thing to do, but sometimes it’s hard to act happy when you feel tired, grumpy, frustrated or disappointed. But the amazing thing is that sometimes just acting a certain way can change how you feel. At least that has been my experience. I look forward to hearing about your experience with this.

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