Turning Ten

On January 3rd, I turned 10! This is especially special to me since I am the youngest in the class. I am going to have a pirate sleepover party. I LOVE pirates, especially POTC. I am inviting Ethan, Justin, and Noah. We are going to wear costumes from Pirates of the Caribbean characters. I am going to be Captain Jake Sparrow (since my name is Jake). I gave all the foods pirate names. For example : pizza- privateer’s prize food. We are going to eat green apples instead of brushing our teeth. We also have to talk like a pirate the whole time. I’m so excited about my birthday!

8 thoughts on “Turning Ten

  1. Has the party already taken place? How was it? Did you really brush your teeth with green apples? Hope you are enjoying being ten!

  2. Hi Jake,

    I am one of the teachers you just skyped in New Zealand.
    Happy birthday for the 3rd Jan – that is my sister’s birthday too!

    I am impressed with your blog – some fabulous writing!
    Well done of the award!!


  3. Kia Ora From New Zealand Jake. It was so great to hear your views on blogging this morning. (You know it’s Tuesday morning in NZ – I am coming from your future). I am going to start blogging with my 9, 10, 11 year olds this year. They are due back from their Summer Break next Wednesday. I will have 26 learners in my class. Would you be interested in keeping in contact with us?

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