A Hot Day- In The Winter!

      A couple of days ago, I wanted to build a fire. You see, we have this great fireplace in our house. But we never use it, because why would you need a fire in Florida? I thought it would be fun, since I am a Cub Scout and know how to build fires. We gathered lots of sticks and small logs from our front and backyards. At one time, we used a part of our old fence! Then my grandparents took me and my sisters to see The Muppets Movie.

    It is about these brothers, a muppet named Walter and a man named Gary, go with Gary’s girlfriend Mary to L.A., where they go to see the Muppet Studios. Walter finds out that an evil guy named Tex Richman is planing to tear down Muppet Studios, where they can drill for oil. Gary,Mary and Walter go to Kermit and tell him this. The only way they can save Muppet Studios is raising 10,000,000 dollars. This means that they have to go and get the gang back to make one last show. At one point they kidnap Jack Black! See the movie to find out if they raise ten million dollars!

Exciting Edublog Awards- Part 2!

     Remember the Edublog Awards, also known as the “Eddies”? Well, as I said before, I got nominated for best student blog. I came in 3rd place with 163 votes! The kid who came in 2nd was Miriam, and the kid who came in 1st was Jaden. Jaden got 610 votes, while Miriam got 241. Congratulations to Jaden! And congratulations to the 4th and 5th place winners : Jarrod and Gemma, who got 147 votes and 107 votes.

MJGDS Knesset Elections!

         Right before winter break, my school had its student council elections. Our student council is called Knesset, after the government in Israel. In my grade, you are allowed to run for Treasurer of Rosh Tefillah. I ran for Treasurer against my friends Lily and Shoshana. We made posters and a banner to hand in the gym.We were even allowed to make a campaign video, but I didn’t have the time. We also made stickers and flyers to pass out. 

      Then, on Thursday morning, we said our speeches. My friend Justin was helping me with my campaign, and he was supposed to wave my poster around while I said my speech. But Justin wasn’t there that day, so I had Ethan do it instead. Next, we voted for the candidates. I remember I was so nervous and kept saying, “I’m going to lose! I’m going to lose!” At about 1:30, the teacher in charge of elections, Morah Eta, called the candidates up to the office. We were going to find out who won! She went to Treasurer and said… Jake! I won! Later, Shoshana got voted as 2nd Delegate for the class. Cayla was the first. Congratulations to all the members of the new MJGDS Knesset!

 Click here for the list of the whole Knesset.


Endangered Species- Sea Turtles

In my art class we were drawing pictures of sea turtles. We were also learning how they are endangered. Sea turtles have been around for almost as long as the dinosaurs! The smallest sea turtles are called Kemp’s Ridley, and they’re only 30 inches long. The biggest sea turtles are Leatherbacks.They can be 6 1/2 feet long! The sea turtle number is decreasing because of global warming. When it is hotter, more girl sea turtles are born. Since global warning makes the temperature warmer, less boys are being born. One way how we can help is volunteering. This is my picture of a sea turtle. Remember to help the sea turtles!

My picture of the sea turtle

Click here to find out more about sea turtles.

Writing “Hayom Lo Tov-Zeh Lo Ani”

I am here to review the story I wrote on the IPad. (This is the Hebrew thing I was doing on the IPad in An Apple Day). The original poem is called Zeh Lo Ani (this isn’t me in Hebrew), and it was written by Leah Goldberg. We had to write owr own version of Zeh Lo Ani. It didn’t have to be true. We made the story on an app on the IPad called Storykit. Here are the pictures of Hayom Lo Tov- Zeh Lo Ani. (This is my version of the story) P.S. Click on the pictures to see them bigger. 

The Mystic Chi’-lin

I wrote this for a reading report because the story this week was about a chi’lin. The chi’lin is an ancient chinese animal. I got a 100% on it! Here is my A+ work :

The chi’lin is an ancient Chinese creature. It is a omen that is supposed to bring peace and serenity. It is described as a unicorn or an animal that is a mixture of a dragon and a tiger with scales. The chi’lin is supposed to spout fire from its mouth like a dragon does. The Chinese told a tale that a chi’lin predicted the birth of the great Chinese leader Confucius. The chi’lin is a great animal in Chinese history, celebrated by many.

An Apple Day!

Today was very 21st century. I used 4 Apple products! I used one of my school’s IPads, one of my school’s laptops, one of my school’s EMacs, and my ITouch! I used the IPad to finish this project we’re doing in Jewish Studies. We were reading this book about this kid who has a bad day, so we had to make our own version of the story with yourself. The story didn’t have to be true. I also used the laptops for the story. I’m using the EMac to make this post! And I am just playing on my ITouch.

An IPad like I used



A laptop like I used




Image Credits:

Laptop- www.fotopedia.com/ items/flickr-2234160851


IPad- www.fotopedia.com/ items/flickr-4545524716




Reviewing the SBC

I am writing this post to review the Student Blogging Challenge. This is for the last challenge.

Questions :

Q: Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog?

A: I visited the challenge site, but my teacher also usually showed the post for this week in class.

Q: Which challenges were the most useful?

A: I think the challenges that taught us to do things (like add a link or image attribution) were the most useful.

Q: Which challenges were the most interesting?

A: I think the ones that challenged us to do things like make a post or a glogster were the most interesting. Overall, the ones that were the most interactive.

Q: What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?

A: I don’t know.

Q: Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post

A: I wouldn’t need them because the Challenge and my teacher Mrs.Hernandez taught me everything I really need to know.

Q: Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful?

A: I liked them (considering I was mentioned about 3 times ), but I think they really weren’t useful.

Q: Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding?

A: They were interesting, and I could use them. But a problem I had is that I see all these cool widgets that other kids’ blogs’ have, and I can’t put them on my blog.

Q: Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes?

A: Yes. A lot of other choices and it helped that you told us blogs to visit and comment on.

Q: Classes that registered – were there enough activities specific to classes?

A: Yes. My class (MJGDS 5th Grade) teachers took about 2 of the posts Miss W. wanted us to do and made us do them.

Q: Did you make global connections?

A: Definatly. I made connections with all the commenters on my blog and the Count Out Three game helped also.