My New IPod Touch

On Wednesday I got something I have been wanting for a long time- a IPod Touch! I’ve been saving up for it it finally have enough. I wanted one so I could play games on it and go on my blog. All it is is a small computer. At first I wanted a IPad, but when my friends told me all it was a a big ITouch, I changed my mind. I now do not regret my decision!

An IPod Touch like mine




One thought on “My New IPod Touch

  1. Dear Jake,

    Hi! My name is Jaden. I am also in the Student Blogging Challenge. You have a great blog. Please check out mine!

    I got an Itouch for my 8th birthday. It was really fun, but then I decided that I wanted an IPad 2. I sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay and was finally able to get one. I love IPads and Itouchs!

    Are you going to nominate blogs for the Edublog Awards? I’ve been nominated for Best Student Blog two time this year. I hope I win!


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