Ways to Get More Comments

This post is for Student Blogging Challenge Week 8, Activity 3

1. Comment on others’ blogs’ If somebody goes on a blog that you commented on, and you left the link to your blog, that person might decide to comment.

2. Have a “Pass a Story Around My Blog” post when you have one of these posts’, you give the starting sentence to a post and people comment on tha post to continue the story. Here is a example that I made.

3. Create interesting posts If you have interesting posts, people will be motivated to comment.

4. Student Blogging Challenge For this week’s challenge, we are playing a game where you have to comment on other peoples’ blogs’ in the Challenge.

5. Polls If you have polls on your blog, then people might comment to say, “I voted,” or “Cool poll! Can you teach me to make one?” I use Polldaddy for my polls.

6. Be social in your posts Give news from around the world, and people might comment to say something like “Did you hear about that other problem?”

7. *This idea is for students’ only*  Blog about what you learned in school People might comment back to say something like, “I learned something new today,” or “Now I know how to add!”

8. Blog about recent holidays If you blog about your holidays, then people internationally might comment on their holidays or traditions.

9. Have questions in your posts  If you have questions in your posts, then people will comment back to answer the question.

10. Write commenting posts Write a post that encourages people to comment. Here is one my friend Shoshana made & Here is one I made to celebrate 101 comments.

Here is a link to a notaland poster I made.

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