A Random Act of Kindness That I Did

One time, I did a random act of kindness. It happened last year. 4th and 5th Grade went to Kennedy Space Center. We brought some money so we could purchase souvieners at the KSC shop. My friend Justin brought $20. We ate lunch and then we were going to the shop, but first we went to the bus to get our money. Justin couldn’t find his money. He was so upset. I had $25, so I gave him $20 of my own just because he was my friend.


A picture showing to do kind things

Image Credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/louisa_catlover/2859910676/

5 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness That I Did

  1. I like this post a lot…very professional work. I enjoy reading your blog (even if I don’t always comment!) and look forward to reading what you write. Keep up the great work!

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