The Running Wall of Fame- I made it!

         In my P.E. class, we have been running half a mile to pratice for the Chai Run. The Chai Run is a program that my school has. It is a fundraiser and fall festival. In my age group, we are running half a mile for the Chai Run. Today, Coach told us that we were running half a mile today. If you ran it in less than 5 minutes, you got to go on the Wall of Fame. I made it to the Wall of Fame! I got it just in time. My time was 4:57! The best in my class was Noah. He did it in 3:40. A boy in 4th Grade did it in 3:25, which was the best time in the school. Wow! Congratulations to all the people on the Wall of Fame!

3 thoughts on “The Running Wall of Fame- I made it!

  1. Very interesting Jake! The same thing happened to me expect we were running a mile. And you had to get under 10 minutes and I got 9 minutes and 59 seconds! Jake, you are very smart and you crack some funny jokes! Keep the good work up!

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