Grandfriends Day Interview

Today at MJGDS was the Intergenerational Friends day. This is when your relatives or friends come to school and you tell them about what happens at MJGDS. My class showed our blogs, and we had to interview our guest.

I interviewed my teacher Morah (teacher in hebrew) Mazal. Morah Mazal had no pets, but as a kid she helped take care of all the stray animals. Where she lived, the animals were allowed to run around. Her favorite book was The Girl From South Africa. She liked it because of the good pictures and the setting of the story. Morah Mazal’s first movie was Lassie Returns Home. Mazal’s favorite game was called “Five Stones”. One of her special memories was when her sister knitted a blue sweater for her because she lost her first tooth. She learned Hebrew when she was little. Her favorite Jewish holiday was Sukkot because it was her birthday! She has not only been to Israel-she was born and lived there for 23 years! When she lived in Israel, there was no T.V., no refrigerators, no phone! We wouldn’t survive back then without all of our modern-day inventions!

Looking Back On My Blog Since The SBC

I am here to give you a brief summary of how my blog has grown since September 8, the day Mrs. Hernandez created this blog. This is my 53rd post! 15 (including this one) was about the Student Blogging Challenge. I have had 152 comments, the first on September 13 by……… Mrs. Hernandez! I and the rest of my class has to thank her so much for cresting our blogs and entering us in the SBC and guiding us and being such a good teacher! The post that got the most comments was Where I Want To Go. I think it got many comments because it was focused on two popular topics : traveling and New York City.

My New IPod Touch

On Wednesday I got something I have been wanting for a long time- a IPod Touch! I’ve been saving up for it it finally have enough. I wanted one so I could play games on it and go on my blog. All it is is a small computer. At first I wanted a IPad, but when my friends told me all it was a a big ITouch, I changed my mind. I now do not regret my decision!

An IPod Touch like mine




Game Time!

This week in the SBC is the game! The game is called “Count out Three”. Here is how you play :

  1. Go to the SBC’s student list
  2. Click on a blog from that list & leave a comment (count one)
  3. Click on a blog from that blogroll and comment (count two)
  4. Now click on a blog from that blog and comment (count three)

      I played the game twice. Here is a list of who I played with :

GAME 1- Saschina




GAME 2- Edublogs & Egusd




Did you play the game? If you did, whose blogs’ did you visit?

Ways to Get More Comments

This post is for Student Blogging Challenge Week 8, Activity 3

1. Comment on others’ blogs’ If somebody goes on a blog that you commented on, and you left the link to your blog, that person might decide to comment.

2. Have a “Pass a Story Around My Blog” post when you have one of these posts’, you give the starting sentence to a post and people comment on tha post to continue the story. Here is a example that I made.

3. Create interesting posts If you have interesting posts, people will be motivated to comment.

4. Student Blogging Challenge For this week’s challenge, we are playing a game where you have to comment on other peoples’ blogs’ in the Challenge.

5. Polls If you have polls on your blog, then people might comment to say, “I voted,” or “Cool poll! Can you teach me to make one?” I use Polldaddy for my polls.

6. Be social in your posts Give news from around the world, and people might comment to say something like “Did you hear about that other problem?”

7. *This idea is for students’ only*  Blog about what you learned in school People might comment back to say something like, “I learned something new today,” or “Now I know how to add!”

8. Blog about recent holidays If you blog about your holidays, then people internationally might comment on their holidays or traditions.

9. Have questions in your posts  If you have questions in your posts, then people will comment back to answer the question.

10. Write commenting posts Write a post that encourages people to comment. Here is one my friend Shoshana made & Here is one I made to celebrate 101 comments.

Here is a link to a notaland poster I made.

My Family

My family is really big. We have four kids! I am the only boy. My oldest sister is 5, the next 4, the last 2. My grandparents from my mother’s side lives 9 miles from us, so we are really close. My other grandparents live about 50 miles from us in Palm Coast. My aunt lives in a different part of Jacksonville. My other aunt also lives in Palm Coast! My Great-Grandmother lives in Jacksonville also! I have Great-Great Aunts and Uncles who are “snowbirds”, meaning that they have a winter home in Florida and a summer home in New York. My Great-Aunt and Uncle live in Long Island. My two cousins live there also. Some of my other cousins live in Palm Coast. From my grandmother, I have realtives in Israel! I also have a MUCH bigger family……… the Jews! This goes to show that you have people related to you in places you don’t even know about.

Chemical and Physical Properties

If somebody asks, “What are Physical and Chemical Properties?”  You might say, “that is when something new is made.” No, that is a Chemical Change, or Reaction. They are two very different changes.

Physical Properties are traits that involves a thing BY ITSELF. Chemical Properties are properties that involve how things interact with another thing. Everything (matter) has properties. Take water, for example. Its physical properties are that it is colorless, has no smell, and that it is liquid at room temperature. Its chemical property is that it’s made up of hydrogen & oxygen. When you mix hydrogen and oxygen, you get water. It is a chemical change because it makes something new. It isn’t a physical change because it makes something new. Physical Changes just alter something.

But how do you recognize chemical changes? Water is easy to tell because it is a liquid, and it came from two gases! We recognize them by clues such as gas bubbles or color changes. Lets use the bread-making process. Before you bake bread, the dough is a pale tan color. But when you bring it out from the oven, it is a nice brown color. A physical change is when you don’t make something new, so if you make something new, then you have made a chemical change. That is how you can tell between physical and chemical changes.




A Random Act of Kindness That I Did

One time, I did a random act of kindness. It happened last year. 4th and 5th Grade went to Kennedy Space Center. We brought some money so we could purchase souvieners at the KSC shop. My friend Justin brought $20. We ate lunch and then we were going to the shop, but first we went to the bus to get our money. Justin couldn’t find his money. He was so upset. I had $25, so I gave him $20 of my own just because he was my friend.


A picture showing to do kind things

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The Running Wall of Fame- I made it!

         In my P.E. class, we have been running half a mile to pratice for the Chai Run. The Chai Run is a program that my school has. It is a fundraiser and fall festival. In my age group, we are running half a mile for the Chai Run. Today, Coach told us that we were running half a mile today. If you ran it in less than 5 minutes, you got to go on the Wall of Fame. I made it to the Wall of Fame! I got it just in time. My time was 4:57! The best in my class was Noah. He did it in 3:40. A boy in 4th Grade did it in 3:25, which was the best time in the school. Wow! Congratulations to all the people on the Wall of Fame!