Hunger- A Major Problem In The World

For school and the Student Blogging Challenge, we had to write a post about a major problem. I chose hunger because it is a problem that kills many people. Also, two continents are majorly affected by it (Africa and Asia). It is a problem because of unemployment. Because people are unemployed, they don’t have money for food. Then they have to starve to death. Did you know that one out of seven people in the world are starving? Considering that there are seven billion people in the world, that means that one billion people are starving!

People know about hunger, and they try to help in many ways. One way people are helping about hunger is using the WWW : websites spring up against hunger. One of these websites is freerice. Another way people are helping in my school is a program called FANN. FANN (Feed A Needy Neighbor) is a program that gives food to a shelter that our school collects. What can be done in the future? People can give money  to a charity or homeless shelter. They can speak out and tell what can be done. They can give jobs to people so they have money to buy food. Here is a website called Stop Hunger Now. It is a program that has been giving meals to families and children in need for thirteen years!

There is always somebody who is worse off than you. You should help the most as you can with a problem in the world. Remember : Everybody appreciates some help.

People campaigning against hunger

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Rosh Chodesh & Shabbas!

          This Friday was Rosh Chodesh AND Shabbas! Rosh Chodesh is the Jewish New Month. Since the Jewish Calendar follows the moon, a new moon means a new Jewish month. Click Here for more info about Rosh Chodesh. We had a Kabbalt Shabbat. That is when the whole school gathers before carpool and sings Shabbas songs. How does your religon celebrate the new month?

IPad lesson

    One of our computer teachers, Mrs. Tolisano, came in this Friday with the IPads. Recently, our school got 20 IPads.Click Here to see Mrs. Tolisano’s blog. First, she taught us how to hold it and take care of it properly. Next, she told us which apps she wanted us to test out. Then she passed out the IPads! Since we are Jewish, she “named” the IPads after Jewish leaders. Does your school do something interesting like IPads?


SBC Achievement!

This week’s challenge was about creativity. I was able to complete all of the activites! I combined Activity 1 and Activity 4 into one post. I wrote a post that links to other posts. You can look at it here. I left the comments for Activities five & six. The only activity I didn’t do was Activity 2 because there was no website. Have you ever completed anything that you were really proud of?

Red Ribbon Week & Officer Bass visit

             This week is Red Ribbon Week! My school annually participates in Red Ribbon Week to inspire kids to lead a drug free and healthy life. K-3 learns about stranger danger, while 4-5 learns about safety against drugs and alcohol. Every day in Red Ribbon week we wear something special. On Monday we wore red for Red Ribbon Week. Tuesday we got to wear our favorite hat to school. Wedensday included wearing your pajamas to school. Today (Thursday) we wore our clothes backwards.

         On Tuesday, Officer Bass visited us to talk to us about stranger danger. We also watched a video about stranger danger. You can click here to see me watching the video. On Wedensday we got these packets about the dangers of drugs and about eating healthy. They also gave us rasins, which was good because we just came back from P.E.! Does your school participate in Red Ribbon Week?



         I am trying to get a Apple product to play games and stuff on it. I have enough money for it, but I don’t know which one to get. Calling commenters & visitors on my blog! Please vote so I know what to get!

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The Be A Mensch Campaign

My Fifth Grade class is participating in the Be a Mensch Campaign. A mensch is a Yiddish word meaning a kind or friendly person that respects others’ feelings. We’ve already learned two values in this program. The first value is compassion (the word in Hebrew is rachamim). The second important value was about not embarrassing others (the words in Hebrew are lo l’vayesh).

Every week, we get a booklet full of activities for the Be A Mensch. One of the activities is a story. We read the story and then we read the questions. The questions are about the story that we read. We have to do the questions with our parents for homework. There is a smaller story on the back cover that we answer questions about in class. The teachers that are doing the project are Morah Liat, Morah Etah and Mrs. Zavon. Here is a post about the Be A Mensch project that my friend Shoshana already wrote. Are you a Mensch?

A license plate that supports the Be A Mensch Campaign

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My Creativity

I have a inventive imagination. That is a very good thing to have if you want to be creative! I am good at creating imaginative stories. It is probably one of the reasons that I have so many visitors on my blog. This post is about how I can be creative in many ways. I went to a sand art website called this is sand. You click on different colors to make different mountains.

This is the picture I made on the sand website.


Key for picture :

Orange- desert

Blue- ocean

Light Green- grass

Purple- frozen lake

Dark Green- hill


      E-mail makes the WWW and real world so much easier to communicate. Just a click, type a bit, another click, and 10 seconds later your sender will get the letter. It is faster, saves trees, and will get you a reply soon enough. Letters are going to go extinct because of e-mail. What type of e-mail do you use? Show in this poll!


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