Jacob’s Rescue- A Holocaust Story

My classes’ summer project was to make a movie poster of Jacob’s Rescue. It is a Holocaust story telling of how Jacob Gutgeld surived the Holocaust. Here is a summary of the book:

The book starts by telling how his life before WWII was. Jacob lived in a mansion complete with butlers and servants. His mother died when she gave birth to his youngest brother, David. He has another brother, Sholom. When Jacob and his Aunt and Grandmother were sent to the ghetto, they were sent away to farms. He was rescued by Alex Roslan and his wife, Mela and two kids : Yurek and Marishka.

Alex has to bargin well so they have enough food for Jacob also.Marishka brings lessons home to Jacob so he can study. One time Alex’s friends came over and almost found out about Jacob. After that Alex made a special hiding place. They have to move to another neighborhood. One of the neighborhood kids comes over, and he almost finds out about Jacob.

The Roslans take in Jacob’s brother Sholom. Soon after he comes in, he dies of a fever. Jacob catches the fever too, and Alex has to sell the apartment. He has to sell the apartment so Jacob can have surgery. The move into a crowded, drty apartment. On the raido, Jacob and the Roslans hear how the Jews in Warsaw are fighting back.

The Roslans take in Jacob’s other brother David. Yurek gets shot by a Nazi. The Roslans then move to a tiny town. The town is called Kasminsk, and it is where Mela’s brother lives. The Russians liberate the town, and Jacob meets a Jewish Russian soldier. Jacob and David go back to Isreal. There they meet their father in Isreal.

Everything, as it says in fairy tales, is Happily Ever After!


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