The Jew who did his share- Einstein

Albert Einstein the Jew.

You probally heard of Albert Einstein. He was the smartest man in the world, discovered E=Mc2………and a Jew!

Albert was born on March 14, 1879 in Wurrtenberg, Germany. When Little Albert was 6 weeks old, his family moved to Muinch.  He started a Catholic school (they weren’t observant Jews) at age 5. When he was 8, he transferred to the Luitpold Gymnasium. He showed an intrest in mathmetics as a kid.  When his family moved to Italy, Albert had to stay behind to finish school.

In 1902,Einstein and his future wife had a kid, who they gave to an orphanage. He married Mileva Maric in January 1903. Their two sons, Hans and Eduard, were born 6 years apart. They divorced in Febuary 1919. In June 1919, Einstein married Elsa Lowenthal, who died in 1936.

He was awarded a PhD from the Universty of Zurich on April 1905. Einstein was recognized as a leading scientist in 1908. He was also promoted lecturer at the University of Bern. He   quit the job the same year to go to the University of Zurich. In 1919, a man confirmed facts that Einstein discovered, which made him famous. He got a Nobel Prize in 1922, and Einstein was awarded the Copley Medal in 1925.

He eimgrated to the U.S. as soon as Hitler came to power. When WWII started, Albert Einstein warned President Roosevelt that Germany might be making atomic bombs. Roosevelt put him in charge of the Manhattan Project, the one that created the atomic bomb.

Einstein took a job at the Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton, which he held until his death. In May 1933, the Nazis burned his books and works. He discovered he had a reward of death for $5,000 dollars, nowadays worth $90,000.   When other scientists from Germany fled to America, he wrote “I have never felt so Jewish.” Einstein, with other immgrated scientists, warned the U.S. that Germany might  build the atomic bomb, but the first time his warnings were ignored.

He became a American citizen in 1940. In 1952, David-Ben Gurion asked Einstein if he would like to become the Prime Minister of Israel. Albert refused, saying that he “lacked the apitude and experience to deal properly with people and to exercise offical functions.”

On  April 17th, 1955, an internal organ inside Albert Einstein’s body exploded. He didn’t want to have surgery, saying that ”  It is tasteless to prolong life artificially.” He also said that “I have done my share.” He was working on scientific papers the next morning when he died at 1 AM. He was cremated the same day, but scientists kept his brain in hopes of discovering what made him so smart.

One of the greatest  people in the world was from a religon that was hurt the most. Just goes to show that it matters by how the personality is, not what color or what language they speak. What matters is how they act.


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  1. Do you know what became of the child that Einstein gave up for adoption?
    I love your ending, it really made me think. How we act is how people will remember us.

  2. Hello Jake, I am a cousin of you Dad’s and live in Virginia Beach, Va. I think this blog of yours is fantastic. I love the variety of issues you cover and your style of writing is thoughtful and insightful. I taught for many years and there were so many students in High School who could never even construct a solid sentence. You obviously are getting a good education. About your Einstein story, I had no idea of him having given a child up for adoption nor his stance on keeping the body alive artificially. He was so right. I totally love that you have pride in your Jewish heritage. We should all feel proud of our ancestry. I would be interested in your thoughts about the current political situation of Palestine wanting to be recognized as a State in the United Nations.

    About your interest in NYC, is it definitely one of the most exciting cities I have been to, and with traveling around with my U. S. Navy Officer husband, I have seen many places. I have lived in Okinawa, Japan; The Republic of the Philippines; Hawaii three times; visited Taiwan, China; Thailand and Korea and my next trip, if I am so lucky, will be to mainland China to see the Great Wall. Now that would definitely bring me to my knees. The majesty, the effort of so many people to construct such a mammoth undertaking. Do you know that the Wall can be seen from outer space? My husband has been fortunate enough to visit Israel when doing government work there and I think he was totally changed. If you are interested, I can send you some pictures. Perhaps you have even been there yourself? Oh yeah, I got diverted…about NYC, we go there often because we have a time share there. It’s John’s (my hubby) favorite place in the world. He said he could sit in Central Park just chilling out for the rest of his life. He turned 60 on 9/20 so is not really old in my opinion, but in yours he probably is. Anyway, I get too much sensory overload there so like to visit for about 5 days, then I like to return to my quiet home, put on some Hawaiian music (my very favorite because Hawaii is totally my favorite place in the entire world) and let all of my muscles relax after the melee of NYC. Sometimes, if there is a special event like the Brazilian Festival last year, you can’t even hardly walk independently, you simply move along the sidewalks with the thousands of people. Being only 5’5”, often I felt like I needed to be raised up on my husband’s shoulders to catch a breath. Of course he would have melted to the ground because I am always trying to lose 25 lbs. or so. Anyway, if you get to choose when to visit NYC, I would suggest around the December holiday season because the City goes all out with lights and decorations in store windows and of course the big tree in Rockefeller Center where a lot of people enjoy ice skating. For some reason, this is the most magical time in NYC for me anyway. It is quite cold there though and on more than one occasion John and I have resorted to purchasing hats and gloves at the many vendor sites on each corner because we were so cold. It’s sort of an exciting cold though because there are many stores and restaurants and of course theaters (you must see a play when you go) so you really don’t stay cold very long. As for the plays, Broadway is a hoot! And there is a place where you can purchase same day tickets at 1/2 price for that days performance if there are available seats, which there always is. We have seen many shows this cheapo way. The one play that stands out as incredible is Lion King. I don’t know if you are into theater, Jake, but the costumes, the music, the dancing, the story…everything is just over the top fabulous. Maybe you have seen it? If so, I would be interested in your sharing your thoughts with me. I often wish I can pursued acting as a career. I think it would have been tremendously challenging and rewarding.

    Hey, by the way, speaking of theater, do you watch Masterchef? You know, it’s that cooking show with Gordon Ramsey where home cooks try to outdo one another and after starting with 20 or 30 cooks, folks are eliminated until there is one winner. It’s very competitive and quite entertaining and educational because the viewer can pick up a lot of cooking ideas. Anyway, there are two other judges in addition to Ramsay and one of them, Graham Elliot, is my son. He is the rather “large” guy who wears white Prada glasses. You can google his name and find lots of information about him. This past Spring, the producers of the show invited the judges Mom’s to L.A. to be guest judges. It was a lot of fun, but I must confess I did get rather shy with all the lights and camera. I did okay of course, but not my most stellar performance. My son liked it though because he said I was focused and not all over the place which I sometimes do when I get nervous. I think you can watch it if you go to Facebook and Masterchef. Anyway, my son is sort of a star (in the culinary TV world anyway) and every time we are in NYC or Chicago with him (where he lives and has two restaurants) we are stopped and folks want pictures with him. It’s pretty cool. Last year he cooked for President Obama’s birthday dinner. He also has Rahm Emmanuel in for dinner quite often. Politics is sure getting confusing, don’t you think? It seems like we have no one really suited for the job right now. I suppose we just need to be patient and trust that our officials will make the right decisions to pull the U.S. out of this economic mess we’re in.

    Okay, Jake, sorry my missive turned into a book. Hope you have the time to read it. I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Your Cousin,

  3. Jake,
    I am very proud of the way you express yourself in these blogs.
    It gives me a better understanding of what you are thinking.
    Keep up the wonderful work.
    Your Zayde
    Alan ” Fuzzy” Kagan

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