This year we are participating in a global read-aloud with the book Out of my Mind by Sharon M Draper. We are doing a lot with the book like we are tweeting to #gra13OOMM with our class twitter account, @5thMJGDS. We also are skyping with other classes who are participating in the read aloud. We have already Skyped with a class in Seattle, Washington about the book.
This book is about a girl named Melody who has a disorder that she had since she was born. The disorder is called cerebral palsy which sometimes means they can’t talk, can’t walk, and can’t move very well. Melody goes through a lot of problems like mean doctors, and mean teachers.
In Melody’s class there is a girl named Maria who has Down syndrome. She is always happy. This connects to me because my sister, Sydney, has Down syndrome and she is always happy. I really feel offended by knowing that people treat people with disabilities very poorly because even though they might be disabled or act differently doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings; they do and they care. Every time my sister gets a piece of candy or something it’s “Jagger too, get one for Jagger too” so they do care, they can learn. They are more like us than different. I want you to really think of that next time you see someone who appears to be “different.” Comment in the section below telling me if you have met someone different. Also, if you really want to make a difference go to a place like Hope-Haven and help out or donate to organizations that help kids with disabilities like DSAJ (Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville).
Wait don’t leave I have one more thing to say I haven’t been meaning to say different whenever talking about kids (or anyone really) with disabilities because like I said before, we are more alike than different.