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The three little jaguars and the big bad lion

May 30th, 2018 by itamaro

Once upon a time there were three little jaguars and their names were Dandy,Randy and Itamar.
Once their mother told them that they need to go and build themselves a house.
So they all packed up and before they went, their mom told them to be aware of the big bad lion. They said bye to their mom, and they went to build themselves the house.
In the meanwhile the first jaguar was walking and found a beaver carrying piles of sticks.
The jaguar went and asked the beaver if he could have some sticks. The beaver gave him piles of sticks and the Jaguar built himself a house of sticks.
One day the lion came walking by the jaguar’s house and he peaked through the window and saw the jaguar. So he decided he was hungry.
Then he knocked on the door and said, “Little jaguar, little Jaguar let me in.”
The little jaguar responded, “No no no! I will not let you in not by the hair on my chiny Chin chin.”
The lion said, “Then I’ll roar so hard that it will blow your house down. “
The lion wasn’t a liar! He took a deep breath and he blew so hard that it blew the house down.
And then he gobbled up the Jaguar but he was still hungry.
In the meanwhile another little jaguar was walking around till he found a bird caring lots and lots of bricks.
The little jaguar went to the bird and asked if he could have some bricks.
The bird said yes and gave the jaguar lots and lots of bricks.
The next day the little jaguar finished building his house. It was a nice big house with lots and lots of decorations.
One day when the lion came walking by the little jaguar’s house he went to the window and peaked through it. He saw the little jaguar and decided he was going to eat the little jaguar. So he went to the door and knocked, and he said, “Little jaguar little jaguar let me in.”
The jaguar responded, “No no no! I will not let you in,not by the hair of my chiny chin chin.”
So the lion said “Then I’ll blow your house down.” The lion took a deep breath and blew as hard as he could, but it didn’t blow down the house so the lion went and feched his sledgehammer.
When he got back, he knocked once again and said, “Little jaguar little jaguar let me in.”
And the jaguar responded “No no no! I will not let you in not by the hair on my chiny chin chin.”
So the lion swagged his sledgehammer at the house and right when the lion was going to gobble up the jaguar, the jaguar ran up to the third jaguar and got to his house. “But how did you build your house?” the jaguar asked. He said,”Yesterday I was walking around until
I found a rhino carrying lots and lots of concrete.
So I went to the rhino and asked if I can have some concrete. The rhino gave me lots and lots of concrete .
So then today when I finish building my house it was really strong and nice.
So when the lion came walking by the house and saw the two jaguar inside of course he peaked through the window. And before he even took a chance of knocking on the door he got all his air back from blowing down the first jaguarls house.
After he got all his air back he went and knocked on the door
and said “Little jaguars little jaguars let me in.”
the Jaguars responded, “No no no! We will not let you in not by the hair on our chinny chin chins!”
So the lion said, “Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and
I’ll blow your house down! So the lion took a deep breath and blew as hard as he can and the house didn’t even budge.
So the lion went and checked if he had something that could break the house and the only thing he found was nothing. So he decided he will just come back and try to break the house with a chainsaw.
But of course that didn’t work. After the lion decided that he’s going to go back to his mansion and relax so the two little jaguars lived happily ever after.


Amazing Capybara

April 9th, 2018 by itamaro

I illustrated and wrote my own verchual book about the capybara. I looked for perfect articles on Pebble Go, World book online, Kiddle.co. I printed the articles and read them and took information from the articles and put it into my own words.

I designed the book on Book creator. I took the information that I got and I wrote it in Book Creator. I added illustrations. I went to photosforclass to find my rainforest animal picture. I copied the picture into Popplet. I added information about the animal. I did well in putting the information in my own words.

I also did well in punctuation and spelling. Next time I can do better in adding more information and being more specific.

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Personal Narrative

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Itamar’s personal narrative from MJGDS Classrooms on Vimeo.