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Thursday, March 29, 2012

For the past month me and my class have been Quad-Blogging. Quad-blogging is when Quad [Four] classes get together from all over the world and each week one of the classes blog. The other people would be commenting on that classes blog(s). So thats what happened, are contestants were Thailand, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and obviously us. The first week it was Thailand’s turn. Our teacher made it so that every kid in that class room got at least one comment. Rewind, just a week before some teachers in our school gave us a comment rubric to prepare us for the Quad-Blogging. I will show you some examples of before and after. This was a comment that I left for my friend Jake.

Before = Wow. Jake just because of that I know a lot more about G.W.C. You know in second grade my class read a book about G.W.C., but I think your little summery was way more sufficient. This was a comment I made to somebody on the Thailand blog.

During =

  1. Dear Trent,
    Wow. That was a really good post. At my school I have P.E. three times a week. The days that I have P.E. are Tuesday-Thursday. I think you and I have a lot in common. I think I’m pretty good at ping pong and in P.E. class we were studying basketball. I love basketball, it’s my favorite sport. I’ve been playing in a league for four years, have you played in a league? I unfortunately am not acquainted with pickle ball, so I have decided to send you this link to a pickle ball website. Here it is, pickle ball. I wish I knew you better.

    Itamarl, MJGDS, Team USA

    There is a big difference isn’t there. So anyways that’s what we were doing for the first week. In the middle of that week I thought that maybe only my class and Thailand were doing this. Then one day I saw a person on one of the blogs from Lucern  which is in Switzerland. I read the comment and knew it had to be because of Quad-Blogging.

    The next week I was starting to get a bit lazy. Oh yes my comments were still very quality its just that I wasn’t doing any links. The other problem was that all the other classes in the Quad-Blogging thing took English as there second language, so a lot of what they wrote was limited because they don’t have as many words to express themselves. Also many of the words were mispelled so it was hard to understand. The Czech kids were third graders so they only had a few posts. It took me days to leave them a quality comment. I will show you. Here it is.

    Dear Sahil,
    It wasn’t one of my favorite books, but I might try again when I’m older.. Anyways, last year in our reading books, my class stumbled on a little story about Winn-Dixie. It was about how Opal made friends with this librarian and the librarian [who had had a bad experience with bears] thought that Winn-Dixie was one. Also, I think that since you stated ten things about yourself I can picture you. Here’s a link for more information about the book you read.About Winn-Dixie.

    Itamar, MJGDS, Team USA

    Well that was a comment on a reflection on the book, Because Of Winn-Dixie.
    The third week was an ordinary week except for one thing Friday was a special day because Rebecca’s grandpa came in. He, in my opinion is an expert commenter so we all were happy, he told us about his life and how he was good at commenting. He was very modest and used a high vocabulary of words. My second favorite part was when he told about when he had been a social worker and that in school the teachers promoted high vocabulary. My  favorite part was when he said that he had seen my blog. I’ll show you a comment he left me.
    Thank you Itamar for helping me to learn so much about Michael Jordan. In fact I am going to read more about him your book report inspired me to want to. I have always admired Michael Jordan and knew that he lead an amazing life. Itamar your book report indeed let me see what an amazing life Michael Jordan had. I found it interesting to learn that Michael Jordan worked hard to achieve good grades and to do well in school. Michael was indeed very intelligent because he realized education is important and his remaining modest even with his tremendous success is a great tribute. Itamar I too particularly love reading a book that is so well done that I do not want to put it down until I am finished. I am glad you enjoy reading Itamar, reading is very important. You can be proud of your book report and that you are a reader.
    It’s amazing isn’t it?
    The last week I did lots of blogging and it was really fun. The person who gave me the most comments was a girl named Taha.
    I learned a lot about commenting I advise you go to Langwitches to learn more.


  1. avatar Mrs. Fortino's 5th Grade Class says:

    Hello Itamar! We are a 5th grade class from Milan, Italy. We are pretty new to blogging and commenting so we are looking at other kid’s blogs to learn from them. We found your post very interesting and helpful!

  2. avatar Stephanie Teitelbaum says:

    This is an “expert” post. I love how you included links, examples of your comments from before and after the quad blogging, and also sharing what we have learned from PopPop Stan. This was very informative, and I believe you will have many visitors and comments from this reflection.

  3. avatar Susan Lubliner says:

    Itamar, I agree with everything Mrs. Teitelbaum wrote and couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep on blogging!

  4. avatar Jessyka says:

    Hello my name is Chinese guy and I am one of the favourite ppiuls in City Wok and I love sushi, pizza, all things electrical, playing with my friends and playing on the computer.

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