The Staff Of Souls

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It started with the man, he came through the village gates dressed in a black coat and black pants. When he looked up his eyes flashed yellow, and at a certain angle little Perkins could see his form flicker, between the man and something else. Something with a dragons head, claws and wings furling and unfurling. Although his body and legs were of a mans. Perkins doubted anybody else saw the mans other form, and even if they did they wouldn’t care. The village was growing smaller day by day. These days they had celebrations every time somebody came to the village. The village elder when’t  up to the man and they had a conversation, although the man’s voice sounded more like hissing than anything. Once it was done the elder came back and said, “This man has traveled long and hard from a distant land, he shall stay with us for as long as he wishes.” Perkins let out a deep sigh he did not like a lot of the elder’s decision. That night there was a celebration everybody danced around the fire. Everybody that is except Perkins, he stood watching the man it seemed every time he came close to the fire his other form became more earthly. The next day he was arranged to stay in a dank small house with a cellar. It was not that the people were being miser like keeping the best things for themselves, exactly the opposite the people at the village tried to convince him to take the best, but he refused after the third house he saw the house and thought it was perfect. In the next few days perking stayed clear of the man, for he was scared of him, finally one night he decided to sneak out and see what the man was doing. When he got to the mans house, a window curtain was open and through it he saw the man, but his half human part showed more then ever. A big block of metal stood in front of him, he breathed on it and fire came out of his mouth. He started shaping it then he looked up and saw Perkins his eyes flashed red. Perkins ran and ran, all the way home and upstairs. The next night at midnight there was a swooshing sound and something clawed at Perkins chest. The next day little Perkins age eight and a half was found dead. The burial was short.

Chapter one  

The night Perkins died Eric, a small boy of nine was out looking at the man’s house. When he found it empty he obliged to take a look inside, he found many things inside. The thing he took the greatest interest in was the thing lying on the table. It was a metal thing which from Eric’s point of view looked like a human. The metal was still hot , but there was no place to actually heat it up. Right after Eric started to dwell on that thought, he heard the door start to creak open, in the half moonlight he could see the other form Perkins had been talking about. Eric ran to the work table and ducked under. The thing went over to the table, but instead of looking under like Eric thought he would, the thing started breathing on the clump of metal. As soon as his breath came out, it turned to fire. The thing started saying,”Almost there the the master will be proud. It shall be done soon. Once this is done all we need is the staff and it will be ready.” From what Eric had heard this lump of metal was suppose to come alive once some kind of staff was applied. Eric stood still, he realized this wasn’t a childish game, this was life or death. About half in hour later, near midnight, the thing went out. Eric quickly slipped into the cellar.

Chapter two

The cellar was quite spacious and comfy, it went in an arc downwards. Eric realized it had to be a tunnel. He walked and walked, finally he got to something interesting. To most ordinary eyes, it would look like a dead end, but to Eric it looked like a transparent wall, almost like water. On the other side, he saw three tunnels branching off in different directions.. Then, Eric did something very stupid, he stepped into the barrier. Instead of passing right through like Eric thought he would, the barrier held him trying to crush him. He could feel the hate this thing felt for him. He could feel his life drifting away, his soul being torn apart, his mind departing, everything he had ever worked for and achieved would leave, and worst of all, he new he was powerless to stop these things from leaving, then he stepped through.

Chapter 3

When Eric walked through, it was like being reborn. The smell of daffodils, honeysuckles and lilacs drifted through one of the tunnels. Finally after smelling the air, Eric thought of the choice ahead of him. Down the middle tunnel which was the one that the faint smell of flowers were coming from, he could here roars and people in agonizing pain. After hearing this he knew the flowers must be an illusion. Down the second tunnel there was bleak darkness and down the third  tunnel there was a cold paing. Eric decided to go down the third tunnel, because his whole life had been cold and unlively. What ever was down there, he would not be scared of it. He started walking through the third tunnel, and he came out on a plain of ice.

Chapter 4

The ice plain was cold and Eric knew he couldn’t stay in the cold this long. Up ahead, maybe a mile away, a giant fortress made entirely out of ice loomed out of this wild unforespoken plain. About half a mile away from the fortress, Eric suddenly caught sight of the people who lived there. They were almost human except, for the fact that there skin was a shade of blue and their mouth did not line up with their words. They spoke in a foreign tongue, almost like an animal howling in pain. The first one of the things to come up to him was a slender girl with a gaze like ice shards. She yelled something in her own tongue then turned back to Eric, she suddenly started speaking in English.”Who are you and why have you come. My father does not like people with out a reason to come and disturb our peaceful land.” Eric was taken aback. He could never dream of hurting this peaceful little plain. Obviously the girl did not care at all about what he thought,  because she yelled back to the other people, although it sounded more like cawing. Two bulky looking men with clubs came over to the girl spoke to them in her own tongue. They started bowing as if the girl was some high ranking general. One of the two men pulled out some rope and chain and in a few minutes Eric was totally tied up. The two men started dragging him away, over her shoulder the girl yelled,”You shall face trial with my father in five days time.”

Chapter 5

In the time he spent as a prisoner, Eric was bored, not because he was trapped inside a horrible dungeon guarded by a terrible monster, nope he was in a well furnished room with no windows and no ways outside. He very often heard men outside speaking of the trial. He finally came up with an idea against the kings words. He would tell the king the truth about everything, everything. The man, the thing he had heard about this staff and most of all himself. The day approached and Eric thought about what would happen. At the very worst he would get killed at the best he would be set free to  wander till his dying day, he knew he could not return to his village until he could destroy the man. Finally the day came he was marched into the thrown room where a skinny man sat stroking a long white beard.  “Who’s case is next” he asked the voice was cold and gave off the air that he was powerful.” This one your majesty” a guard said.” Ah” the king said, this was the obvious cue that the session had begun. After telling the king everything, the king said”Let this one go he is truthful and besides I’ve taken a liking to this one.” “Your Your Majesty what is the staff of souls.” Eric had thought he had made a bad move, but instead the king said ” So you have heard of it. The staff is supposed to be a mystical object that contains in army of souls. Also the thing you met was a magnomat, better known as a fire user. Very dangerous I’m surprised you’re still alive. Although from what you say it was a miner one, if it was any stronger you’d be killed.” At this thought Eric left the thrown room.

Chapter 6

In the next few days Eric lived a happy life, wandering through the enchanted garden. The garden had forgotten passageways that had already crumbled. Every night Eric went down to a great feast. He had a wonderful life. One day Eric wandered allong into the armory and looked around. There was lots of weapons, spears, axes and swords to name a few. One thing caught his eye in particular, a sword it looked as if it shown with light. It made the other weapons look gray and unrealistic. He wasn’t supposed to be here but, Eric didn’t care. He went up to the little platform and took it from it sheath. When his skin made contact with the metal a little shock came from the hilt up his arm and into his rain suddenly he had in idea. Why not keep it. If he had known what this sword could do, do you think he would have picked it up. What you do if a sword made you want it so bad that you would steal it from its rightful owner. This sword could sap up peoples life forces till they were nothing. Somewhat like the staff does as you shall find out. Now back to the story Eric picked it up and desired it, he planned to smuggle it out of the castle that night, the only problem was passing through the thrown room. He decided to figure it out as he went along. The night came and he was ready he quickly threw it into a sack behind his back.Before he smuggled out the sword, he decided to get a horse from the stable. In case quick escape was necessary.He walked along the corridor on tiptoes as if he had been doing it his whole life. Through courtyards and along walkways he sped. At the entrance to the thrown room he stopped to take a breath. Slowly and carefully he walked into the  thrown room. He had gone half the way to the other side when he heard a cold voice”Where do you think your going” said a cold voice. It was the king,”I’d like my sword back for a few reasons. Firstly, because you had no right to steal it from me. Second, because in a matter of days it will have sapped up the thing that makes you, you. You should not have crossed my path boy.” He said this last part with a bit of a pitch to it. He clapped his hands and an avalanche of ice fell blocking the door. Eric was forced to go forward, which meant going closer to the king. Suddenly the king clenched his hand and there was a dagger made of ice sitting in his palm. He threw it and it landed about in inch from Eric. Eric ran to the door, but the king was firing away. The ice daggers were getting closer and closer. Eric held the dagger close to his chest. He was out the door, but there were still the archers. As he ran the blue men shot poisonous arrows at his heals. Even when he was running he knew it was no use one would hit him, and sure enough one did. It caught him in the thigh and Eric fell onto the cold ice. At the back of his mind something whispered”Take out the sword use it.” Then and only then did Eric think of the sword. He clutched blindly at his back, and finally got it. But the men had seen he was down and soldiers were streaming out of the castle. They carried spears and Eric knew he couldn’t run. He had to stand and fight. He waved the sword in the air like, wellI I’m not what it was like. Anyway Eric ran through the ranks slashing left and right, Whenever the sword hit something that thing started burning up. Now Eric was getting into it, even though the leg that had been hit was growing weaker, he knew he could do this he blocked and sliced and cut with the sword. Sometimes he would duck and a man would accidentally kill a comrade. Finally the remaining troops fled into the castle, and Eric ran from the plain. The leg  looked as if it was growing worse, it had swelled and become green. He had to sit and rest. Then he saw a big boulder and he rested his back against it. He thought about where the staff was and where to find it. Then Eric fell asleep.

Chapter 7

Eric dreamed about a black castle, then the seen shifted and he was in a cave with what he imagined was the staff., and last of all he saw his own father rolling off the deck of a ship, dead. Then he awoke and he was falling, falling through the air, then he landed on the ground more specifically on his infected leg.He let out a howl of pain”Aaaaah.” From one of the watch towers a powerful fire user looked down. Luckily Eric was hidden by the shadow of the forest. Eric could barely crawl to the side of the castle, but he did.In a nearby stream, Eric made a decision, he would be forced to cut off his leg. He took out the sword and prepared to cut. Then he thrust down the sword cut through the leg like gel detaching it from the body.He had seen what the sword had done to the men at the castle,   but didn’t understand it. So when he was set on fire he had no idea what had happened. He leaped into a nearby river and cooled down. Although there were blisters all over his body. He realized this must be a weapon developed by the fire users. He crawled out and leaned against the wall. That way the wall would support his wait, then he inched along the wall until he saw what he was looking for a little door. He sat down near the door and stuck out his leg in front of the door. Then he waited. At last a fire user opened the door and  fell over Eric’s leg. Quickly Eric stood up and brought down the sword on the fire user, before it could breath on Eric. Then Eric slipped inside. He with caution went through every room on the floor. He saw things like a hall and the armory. When he saw the armory, he said” So they’ve been sending troops through out the world to search for the staff. Well there wrong it’s here in the castle. Even though he had seen these things he still had seen no actual sign of the staff. That was before he reached the dungeons. In the dungeons the air was cold and the surrounding walls were black. The perfect place for a cave. Then he rounded a bend and saw the lake of lava and the small bridge.

Chapter 8

Eric could see the cave on the other side of the lake. So he did the obvious stepped on the bridge. He could feel the small eruptions under his feet. The little bursts of energy that were so close. The heat hurt his eyes, but suddenly he was across. He went through the cave and there were lines and lines of buried solders. They were romans and in the middle was the eagle of Rome. In other words the staff of souls. I know you want something like he started kneeling or something, but the truth is Eric grabbed it and fought his way to the front gates. Then he ran to his village and told the people about his adventure. Right now they are getting ready to fight.

The End

Get ready for book two The Battle On The Sea


  1. I think your story is very creative!! It might even be post of the week. Can you tell me if you can make a series?

  2. avatar Susan L says:

    Itamar, you have quite an imagination. But it’s one thing to be able to imagine a story, and quite another to be able to put it into words and make the story come alive. I think you have done that. I have only two critiques: one might be that it ends abruptly, even though you seem to suggest that there will be more to come. The other critique is that I find it a bit jarring when your voice intrudes on the story. Perhaps if you were to use that device more in the story, and especially at the beginning so your readers are prepared for it, it could work.
    All in all, a very good adventure story with well-written characters and lots of atmosphere. Bravo!

    1. avatar itamarl says:

      I just try to put my imagination imto words thats all. Everybody could do it if they had the imagination and the write way to put it into words.

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