Part of Speech Game

As our class continued to work on grammar and parts of speech, we decided to work on a project. We first started the project process by creating part of speech posters. I worked on adjectives, which contains many different types such as positive, comparative, demonstrative, and interrogative. This part was difficult because of how many types I had to look up, write down, and provide examples for, but Noam helped with the outlining to make the poster look creative so it didn’t look so bland.

I was assigned to work on conjunctions for our parts of speech game. I worked with Jack and Austin who were assigned to work on prepositions and interjections. Jack and I came up with a Space themed board game, while Austin came up with how the game would be set up and the name. Each of us worked out what job we would take for the project, although we all ended up working together on the jobs. Jack was to work on all of our 3D printer works, such as our board characters and a die to accompany it. Austin was to work on the question cards where he would print out the grammar questions and then paste them onto paper cards. I was to work on the board design where I would figure out how the logo would look and what our game board would look like. Although Jack was able to complete his job himself, making sure all the questions were glued to cards and the board was complete took more than just one person.

Our game, Astro Jam, is a space themed game with the objective of reaching the sun. You first roll a dice to determine how many spaces to move before picking up a question card. If you answer the question right, you’re allowed to stay where you are, but if you don’t, you’re to move back to the last space you were on. In creating this game, the hardest part was the questions as it was hard to be creative and think up of questions that wouldn’t be too hard, but challenging enough for someone to take a few seconds to think about it. The easiest part of creating of the game was the 3D models that Jack helped us create, such as the characters and the die, because we were already familiar with the program. I enjoyed testing out our game as I was able to enjoy a game I created with the help of two of my friends.

When we played the game, I genuinely enjoyed it. I thought since it was like any basic board game and slightly short that it would be boring, but watching my friends try to answer the questions was fun. It had gone like my group and I planned and we were happy with the final output. However, I wasn’t very happy with how the board came out. It was hard working as a group to ensure that everyone liked the board design, as I didn’t agree with a few ways it was planned to look. I felt as if I should keep my whining to myself so the boys would enjoy doing at least one thing. That being said, I’d change the way the board looks if I could.

Students in middle school, starting from 6th grade, may enjoy and understand this game about prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Although 6th grade would be able to play this game, 7th graders might have a better understanding of these parts of speech. The level of this game would be advanced because of this.

I feel that this project was enjoyable and a good way of learning or understanding these concepts better. I, myself, have a hard time with prepositions and I’ve definitely learned more than I knew before from playing the game once or twice. Although this project was slightly hard to work on with peers, I felt it’s helped me work on listening to other people’s ideas and incorporate them into mine.

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