Magical Cafe

Today we opened a cafe for our math to learn money. Its was called the Magical Cafe!  I learned alot from that experience  and I want to share it with you! I learned that kitchen staff  to be quick as a bunny!  I also learned that the order comes fast and there’s more than one waiter at the door.  That’s for sure!  When we started waiters were blasting for food and drinks so kitchen staff never got a brake.  I learned that Its hard to be kitchen staff because you have to try not to eat the food.  We had banana bread Pancakes, Apple walnut Greek yogurt dip.  We also had Blue berry Coffee cake muffin, fresh fruit salad and waffles but nobody wanted them poor waffles.  I learned that just 14 kids can make a actual cafe.  I hope everyone loved the Magical Cafe!

Yom HaAtzmaut Last Week Was

Last week was Yom HaAtzmaut!  I did many stations at school. My favorite was lunch because of the chocolate bar. I did not like the falafel that much.  I learned about the Kotel witch I did not know about at first. The Kotel was a wall  where you can put a piece of paper with a wish on  it.  The wall and it sends your wish to G-d. At P.E. we played soccer and basketball.  Still playing games does not beat the chocolate bar!  We did 1 song at music which sounded like opera but it was good.

Opinion Writing

Why You Should Pay For Kids Health Care

I think you should pay for kids health care so kids can get better and not be sick and be sad. Kids in health care are just worried that they might die because they have bad health. Sometimes parents can’t pay for kids health care because they can’t afford it so that means they can’t afford to go to a doctor. So we should pay for health care.

DO YOU WANT TO MAKE KIDS FEEL BETTER? If you were a kid and you had bad health and you couldn’t afford to go to a doctor and go to kids health care you would be sad. If you pay for kids health you could make a kid feel like there is hope and make them feel happy. Be one of those people and be like a super hero to the kids!  PAY FOR KIDS HEALTH CARE TO MAKE KIDS FEEL HAPPY AGAIN!