How to Make Popcorn

I wrote a story on how to make popcorn. I brainstormed the steps and I wrote a draft. Then I checked my work and let other people read it. They gave me feedback and I took it and I edited my paper. I did well by doing capital spelling and spelling words. Next time, I will work on adding more detail.


I wrote a book about hummingbirds. I wrote notes in the organizer  and then I created a book about the hummingbird I’m learning about. I used Google Earth for the picture of the Amazon rainforests. I got some research in some books about hummingbirds. I did  use Book creator and Popplet apps for the diagram. I hope that I will do better with spelling and capital letters on the next project. I wish I could have another project like this because I liked using Book creator. We researched a lot about hummingbirds. It took a long time but it was finally finished and it was worth it.