Poem Slam

I wrote  two poems, one is a Tanka and the other is a Preposition poem.  In Tanka we used five and seven syllables in five lines.  In Preposition  all first words on each line was a Preposition and we could write all sentences as long as we wanted to.   We all went to Barns and Noble and preformed.  I enjoyed a lot on writing my poems and taking my time.

Amulet Firelight

Amulet’ Protagonist and Antagonist


I read the book Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi. After reading, I created a book project discussing the protagonist, good character, and the antagonist, bad character. I also drew pictures of put both of them.

Max Griffin is the antagonist in this story. He had a father he was the leader of the council with amulets.  His best friend Laura’s parents got taken away to prison because they were Elves. Elfs are treated badly because the humans are taking down the “Elf” King.  Laura said to Max that he should “Stay away from me.” Max went to the jail cells and got Laura’s parents. Max

Laura and her mom and dad in a ship so they could escape the council.  Maxes father found out as soon as Laura and her parents could escape the council blew up the ship.  Max was jailed for helping prisoners and when he got the chance to escape he was stabbed he got out of the castle and he said to his father “I will kill you one day.”  Max was bleeding he knew he would die. Until the evil voice of his amulet spoke “Max you are going to die soon free me I will do what you need trust me Max.” Max gave in with the amulet but then he said “Stop!” Only a little bit of the amulets evil ways are in him.  Max becomes evil and he decides to work with the Elf King to destroy the world and the council. Max found out about Emily. Max pretended to be the council so he could betray Emily and kill her and her team. When Max betrayed her and tried showing her that he was powerful.  Max failed and he fell to the ground. Max continues to try and kill Emily and serve as the Elf Kings new prince.

Emily Hayes is the protagonist in the story. She is a good person because she has the soul of her great great grandfather.  He was a hero to the people because of his inventions. One of them were the amulets that were given to the guards of the council and the leaders of the council.  Emily found hers in her new house in a basement. Her amulet has the evil voice in it but Emily refuses to work with the voice. Emily made a team with her great great grandfathers robots their names are Cogsley Morrie and they had a bunny worker Miskit.  She also works with her brother the general and Leon the fox. Then she met Max and she thought he was with the council he later on tells her he is evil and he works with the Elf King Emily makes him weak and she runs away. Emily destroys more and more workers for the Elf King to bring restore to the council.


Golden Age Of Piracy

I have learned in class that pirates don’t like to fight because they could be injured badly and they don’t have any doctors to help them. I also learned that there wasn’t just pirates there were privateers.  A privateer is someone who is hired by a country to attack and steal from other ships. Some privateers were famous like Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, and Sir Francis Drake.  I learned that pirates made flags to look friendly when a ship comes by and they can attack.   Some would be scared and sail away.


I thought that pirates liked to hurt people.   But now I realized pirates don’t like to harm people because they could be shot or stabbed and some pirates don’t have any doctors on their boats.  I also thought that there were only Pirates that stole things but no they are privateers too.


My pirate flag, that I created, is a scary one to scare pirates and maybe privateers away.   My pirate flag is a captain with two swords with a scary reputation  kind of like Black Beard. My pirate flag also has a eye patch to scare people and a scar.   Like if someone had a skeleton and a sword that would be scary. But if a person had a green flag with a tree it seems pretty friendly.

Opinion Writing: French Bulldogs Make The Best Pets

French Bulldogs are very rare. They’re the best pets because their obedient, they give you exercise and they’re playful.  One special thing about French Bulldogs is that they can shake when they’re a week old!


French Bulldogs are the best because they are obedient.  They’re obedient because every night when my brother goes to bed our French Bulldog  gets out of my moms bed and goes into my brothers room and falls asleep.  Another way there obedient is by not barking at dogs when they don’t want to play with them. French Bulldogs don’t harm dogs at all they listen and don’t fight. The only thing they like to harm is food.  Another thing about how there obedient is by not chewing up your possessions that you love. They always go to bed when you tell them to. They never just stay there ignoring you. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask them. They always remember what to do.  French Bulldogs never take more than a month minutes to figure out something.


The second reason is that they give you exercise. They give you exercise by running a lot in your backyard. They don’t calm down much when they steal your sock. You have to get up and chase after them to get it.  When your walking them they love to run on the sidewalk it’s like running a marathon! French Bulldogs can’t stay in a house for the entire day. They have to run and play. French Bulldogs will go crazy after a tennis ball or a chew toy.  Sometimes they give you exercise by playing fetch or running and playing games, they are like your own exercise machine! They will not stop until they have the time of their life. They will even wait for you at the door. Another thing is when your doorbell is ringing they become crazy. French Bulldogs always need a toy in there life a sock wouldn’t even help in that situation. Also they exercize you by being hungry all the time. French bulldogs have a big appetite for a small dog.  

Finally the third reason is that French Bulldogs are very playful. They act this way when they are around dogs,cats,people.  Sometimes they be too playful with dogs. When they act that way they bark. They bark extremely loud when they want to play with them so badly. When a French Bulldog sees a car they don’t run after it they just let it go by. These dogs usually quit being playful when they play for a very long time. One time my dog found a ball and looked at me for a moment I knew she would turn from calm to playfull. My dog barked at me and waited for me and stared at me. To make a French Bulldog not be hyper is not so simple. You have to make them lose focus of the thing that made them get that way for example, Pretend a French Bulldog sees a dog on TV it starts to bark you just get a piece of popcorn and they lose focus.  A French Bulldog goes in water. They love to swim. French Bulldogs playful place is dog parks. Another way is when your watching tv. When a French Bulldog sees another dog on tv they will blast out barking!!!!! Even when a French Bulldog sees another dog or a cat or a squirrel  in the window in a car they don’t move sometimes they just stare and bark and try to get the other dogs attention.


French Bulldogs make the best pets.  They help you stay fit, they are obedient and they are very playful. So adopt a French Bulldog today if this essay made it clear enough.    



Field Trip To Fort Caroline

Fort Caroline

On March 22, 2018, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, including myself, went to Fort Caroline for a field trip. We went there because 4th and 5th graders learned about its history in Social Studies and 3rd graders will next year in 4th grade. We learned that the French and Spanish took showers only four times a year!   I also got to learn about the Timucua Tribe, what they ate and used like clams and throwing spears. I got to know what a musket is and they it has a bayonet (knife) at the end of it. I learned that the French have really protective armor but they wear really heavy clothes under it and have heavy weapons and gear like a heavy coat and a big huge sword and a really big shield.  


My favorite part was when I got to learn about the history because I got to learn things I didn’t even know in a interesting way.  I thought this was a absolute amazing field trip because I was learning in class what it looked like. But now 4th graders got to see what the fort exactly looked like.  I would like if other 4th graders should visit the Fort Caroline because they might learn something new like me. 

My Coding Hanukkah Google Doodle

  1. Click the green flag
  2. When done click the red hexagon

In library I created a Hanukkah Google doodle!  I used the website Scratch and coded to create an astonishing creative amazing Google doodle.  I also watched videos how to do some coding that I didn’t under stand. For example,  how to do the backround.

I most indeed did well on coding and thinking of ideas for letters and characters  about Hanukkah. For example, one of my letters turned into a latke. I would definitely change the background and think of more Hanukkah themed letters with coding and put a little bit of more effort.  I hope all of you enjoyed my Hanukkah Google doodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!