Poem About Boo Radley- To Kill a Mockingbird.

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We recently finished To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. We had to create one interactive project and one writing project. For my writing project, I chose to do a poem about either one of the main characters or an event. I chose to do the poem about the character, Boo “Arthur” Radley.



Since he was caught with the Cunninghams

people never saw him as a man


He’s been in his house for fifteen years

and he peers outside and tries to hear with his ears


Ever since he stabbed his dad with scissors

he’s been locked at home, feeling bitter


Everyday they go out and play

All he’s ever wanted to do is to go out and say hey


He always wonders “why must it be me”

then he looked out at that same stupid knot-tree


When Scout found the Wrigley’s gum

That tree became her best chum


People say that he is big and strong

But many haven’t seen him, so they may be wrong


He always says it’s not time to worry yet

But even when he’s wrong, he just thinks eh no sweat


When everyone went to the trial

He knew that it would be quiet for a while

People said that he felt bad for Mayella

But that man, Tom, was sure a nice fella

He’s always wanted to have a friend

but he knew that as soon as it started it would come to an end


He always thought about going outside

but never gave his reason to stay in and hide


He knew something was about to happen

in anticipation he eagerly started tapping


He saw Ewell come running with a kinfe

he’d have to go out of where he’d been his whole life


Jem told Scout to go

but while dressed as that ham, she ran pretty slow


While Scout was on the ground

she heard a metal sound


It took all he had

but he got Ewell off before anything bad


That was the end of his life in hiding

But he soon goes back into the binding

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