Walt Whitman, not Walt Disney!

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Walt Whitman: Debris:

HE is wisest who has the most caution,

He only wins who goes far enough.


Any thing is as good as established, when that is established that

will produce it and continue it.


On May 31, 1819, the wondrous man by the name of Walt Whitman was born. He was living in West Hills, New York until he was four years old and moved to Brooklyn. He grew up very poor and taught himself everything he knew. At the young age of 15, he got a job editing the New Orleans Crescent and a number of Brooklyn’s and New York’s newspapers. Later on, at the age of 17, got his career as a teacher. He only had one option for the class he taught and that was “Writing Creativity”. Later in his life, he made his lifelong dream and published a poem. His first poem was called “Leaves of Grass”.

Walt Whitman was known for his literature and his volunteering at the military hospital by helping take care of the sick and injured patients . During a war, Walt Whitman went to a hospital to help take care of injured soldiers. Whitman helped the hospital for eleven years.

One poem that was very famous is a poem named “Debris”. Debris is about being wise while being tough also teaches us that great structures can collapse if you don’t work for it’s upright position. I can relate to this poem because I want to get far in life by being wise and one day make an amazing establishment built for me and my family.

So, even though it may not seem like a big deal to you, maybe it isn’t. The point is, it was a big enough event that made Walt Whitman famous. Also, this assignment taught me, “if you don’t want to get through life the wise way, then go the right way.”

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