Confrontation Conference

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A few days ago fifth grade had student led conference. That is when the students tell their parents their goals, achievements, share their report card, and show them your work from school. I think my conference with my dad went super smooth because I was focused and I got my silliness out of me in the morning. There also was some nerve-racking events that could have gone better if I was a little bit more calm and relaxed. I’m glad I didn’t forget to share anything with my parents because I had a folder with everything all ready to go. There is nothing I should have shared because when I picked the work I chose wisely and maturely. The best thing about this experience had to be not waiting for my parents to come home and have to tell me what happened, so I think the best part of the student led conferences was definitely being there when people I trust talk about me!

Posted on November 19th 2012 in slc

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