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Enjoy my presentation on classification.

The types of poems that I wrote are a preposition poem and a bio poem. The bio poem was easier to write than the preposition poem. Because it is about me.

On March 22, 2018, the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders went to Fort Caroline National Memorial as a field trip. I learned that the Timucua Indians took at least one bath a day while the French took four baths a year so the French would be kinda stinky.


My favorite part of the field trip was when we went into the replica of Fort Caroline and read some of the informational signs but the real Fort Caroline is underwater because of hurricanes and rising sea level. Also, the fort had cannons but they did not work of course. They also have a gift shop which has a lot of items.


I thought it was nice to have a field trip to Fort Caroline because they had a lot of information about Fort Caroline. I learned so much about Fort Caroline. I would recommend this field trip to other 4th graders because it is very educational and a fun learning experience.



           Frequently people treat animals differently than they treat each other. Animals have emotions, they can communicate, and they have families just like people.


           Animals are not emotionless creatures. Animals have emotions just like a family member like your mom or dad. If you treat them correctly,  they will basically be family members. Animals feel pain. If you hit an animal, it actually hurts them. They are not a punching bag for you to abuse. Animals are live beings. They’re not a toy for you to push around that you can do whatever you want to do with. But animals are live beings that try to live their life and play.


          Animals are live beings that can communicate. Animals can communicate with humans but humans may not always understand it. Like how dogs bark, humans don’t always understand it but try to understand. Animals can tell you sometimes when they are hungry or thirsty, when they need to go to the bathroom, and when they want to play! You should savor your time with them and you should treat them like how you would treat yourself.


           Animals have a family too. They have moms that care for them like human moms that feed, clean, and protect their babies. Some animals play with their siblings like some human children by tackling and wrestling. Animals are like a human family because they eat together and sleep together just like a human family.


           In conclusion,  animals should be treated like humans because animals have emotions, they also are live beings that can communicate and have families.

This week I learned about pirates. I learned that most pirates don’t actually want to fight they just want to intimidate their victims. If they do fight it’s mostly against military ships protecting people in the area. Most pirates don’t actually bury their treasure they spend it on food, alcohol, and gambling. In the movies pirates do a lot of fighting, they bury their treasure and hunt for treasure. But barely any of it is true. Movies about pirates are usually very popular. People love to tell stories about hidden treasure and exciting battles.


I also learned about pirate flags. Pirate flags differ between pirates in order to set themselves apart from each other. Whenever they saw another ship, pirates would put up whatever flag they thought would not alarm the other ship. The ships would think the pirates are friendly but it was a trap. The flag I created is intended to scare the other ships so they would surrender to my ship. My flag has a stick figure saying “surrender or be captured” and has a sailboat on the left with people on the ship ready for battle.


   Parshat Bo

By Gabe


Moshe and Aharon went to Pharaoh and said let the Israelites go Pharaoh didn’t let the Israelites go. Then G-d released a plague of locusts that ate all the Egyptians crops.  Pharaoh said the Israelites can go.  The locusts left and Pharaoh changed his mind.  Moshe brought the next plague of darkness, so thick the Egyptians could not even move.  Pharaoh said the men, women, and children can go but not your animals.  Moshe said even the animals must leave.  Pharaoh became angry and told Moshe to leave and if he comes back he will be killed.  Before the final plague, the Israelites put lamb’s blood on the door frame.  Everywhere the blood was not, the firstborn animal or human would die.  After this plague, Pharaoh ordered the Israelites to leave. My life lesson is to not always be stubborn.  That was my English summary now I’m going to tell you about my activity my activity was designing your own mezuzah.

The Worst day of Jimmy’s life                                                                              By Gabe                                                                                                                 


It was a regular day for Jimmy at his local gas station called Gate. He was just fueling up his car and wearing his regular blue clothes to work.  Then he entered the gas station to get a Coca-Cola when he saw a lottery ticket by Megamillions that cost $55, and if he won, he would have 25 million dollars and a Segway. He bought the ticket and then he chose his numbers. His numbers were 21, 35, 10, 77, 11 and 13.

After a grueling week, Jimmy saw the lottery numbers on TV.

 The numbers are 21 35 10 77 11 and 13!”, said the announcer.


He drove to the Megamillion headquarters immediately!  He got his 25 million dollars and a Segway from the headquarters.  So far his day started off great because he won 25 million dollars and a Segway from the gas station lottery. Then he rode his new Segway to the Microsoft store and looked for the best gaming laptop on the market. But, the price was $20,078 and it’s called HIDevolution Asus ROG Liquid Cooled Gaming Laptop.  However, Jimmy still bought the gaming laptop.  Jimmy was riding his Segway to his apartment and he saw somebody who he recognized.  He was Jimmy’s mortal enemy and his name was Bob. He just rode by him, hoping Bob wouldn’t notice him.  He thought his enemy didn’t notice him but Jimmy thought wrong. So Jimmy just rode to his apartment. The apartment was named Golden High Apartments.  He thought that was the best apartment complex in the world. He went in the elevator and he saw that the emergency button was broken. But he thought he wouldn’t need it.  Remember Jimmy’s mortal enemy? Bob is the one who broke that emergency button. He sabotaged Jimmy. NO!!!!. But Jimmy didn’t think he needed that button. He’s in the elevator on the 9th floor but he lives on the 10th floor.  “WOW I DID NOT EXPECT THAT”, Jimmy said as the elevator jerked to a stop.  He banged his head on the elevator.  His head was bleeding and he was dizzy.  Jimmy just realized his 20,078 dollar gaming laptop was broken.  COME ON!!!!!!. Now he had to wait until somebody finds him. 1 week later, firefighters found him and got him out.  As a bonus, his enemy got caught by the police robbing a bank and threw Bob in jail, YAY!!!!!!!.

 The End



1.Click the green flag.
2.Press the spacebar.

I created my google doodle by coding it from scratch. I think I coded really good because I made the letters change colors all by myself. I think I would try to code faster to try and get to the writing so I can finish faster and I added a nice winter background. I really enjoyed this project because this is the first reel coding project  I’ve done which was amazing. My favorite part of the coding was the candle’s flame which is rainbow which I thought it was really cool because I have never seen anything like it.


By Gabe

These are four symbols I chose to create my Florida state seal.  The first symbol I used was the sun because Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State.  The second symbol I chose was the orange because Florida grows a lot of oranges and because it’s Florida’s state fruit.  The third symbol I used is orange juice because Florida produces a lot of orange juice and it’s Florida’s state beverage.  The fourth symbol I chose is the mockingbird because the mockingbird is Florida’s state bird. I made the mockingbird flying in the sky. The sun is shining down on the oranges. There’s a river flowing through the middle of the picture with grass on both sides. On the left is an orange tree and a table with orange juice on it.