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This week I learned about pirates. I learned that most pirates don’t actually want to fight they just want to intimidate their victims. If they do fight it’s mostly against military ships protecting people in the area. Most pirates don’t actually bury their treasure they spend it on food, alcohol, and gambling. In the movies pirates do a lot of fighting, they bury their treasure and hunt for treasure. But barely any of it is true. Movies about pirates are usually very popular. People love to tell stories about hidden treasure and exciting battles.


I also learned about pirate flags. Pirate flags differ between pirates in order to set themselves apart from each other. Whenever they saw another ship, pirates would put up whatever flag they thought would not alarm the other ship. The ships would think the pirates are friendly but it was a trap. The flag I created is intended to scare the other ships so they would surrender to my ship. My flag has a stick figure saying “surrender or be captured” and has a sailboat on the left with people on the ship ready for battle.


   Parshat Bo

By Gabe


Moshe and Aharon went to Pharaoh and said let the Israelites go Pharaoh didn’t let the Israelites go. Then G-d released a plague of locusts that ate all the Egyptians crops.  Pharaoh said the Israelites can go.  The locusts left and Pharaoh changed his mind.  Moshe brought the next plague of darkness, so thick the Egyptians could not even move.  Pharaoh said the men, women, and children can go but not your animals.  Moshe said even the animals must leave.  Pharaoh became angry and told Moshe to leave and if he comes back he will be killed.  Before the final plague, the Israelites put lamb’s blood on the door frame.  Everywhere the blood was not, the firstborn animal or human would die.  After this plague, Pharaoh ordered the Israelites to leave. My life lesson is to not always be stubborn.  That was my English summary now I’m going to tell you about my activity my activity was designing your own mezuzah.


1.Click the green flag.
2.Press the spacebar.

I created my google doodle by coding it from scratch. I think I coded really good because I made the letters change colors all by myself. I think I would try to code faster to try and get to the writing so I can finish faster and I added a nice winter background. I really enjoyed this project because this is the first reel coding project  I’ve done which was amazing. My favorite part of the coding was the candle’s flame which is rainbow which I thought it was really cool because I have never seen anything like it.


By Gabe

These are four symbols I chose to create my Florida state seal.  The first symbol I used was the sun because Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State.  The second symbol I chose was the orange because Florida grows a lot of oranges and because it’s Florida’s state fruit.  The third symbol I used is orange juice because Florida produces a lot of orange juice and it’s Florida’s state beverage.  The fourth symbol I chose is the mockingbird because the mockingbird is Florida’s state bird. I made the mockingbird flying in the sky. The sun is shining down on the oranges. There’s a river flowing through the middle of the picture with grass on both sides. On the left is an orange tree and a table with orange juice on it.

Today we opened a cafe for a morning!  It sure was tough but it was really fun!  I was a waiter and our parents were our customers.  We had Banana Bread, Breakfast Casserole, Pancakes, Apple Walnut Greek Yogurt Dip with fresh fruit, Blueberry Muffins, and Fresh Fruit Salad.  The jobs were kitchen staff  host/hostess waiter/waitress and cashier.  It was an great adventure and I learned so much.  I learned to be patient to be a good listener.  Now when I go to a restaurant I will be patient and a good customer.

If your wandering what Yom HaAtzmauot is  I`ll tell you, Yom HaAtzmaut is Israel`s indpendence day.  Last week was Yom HaAtzmaut and we had stations at school, and my favorite station was the eating station. We had falafel and a chocolate wafer bar, and it was delicious!!!!!!.  My 2nd favorite station was P.E because it was really fun playing knockout and soccer.    I`m so glad we had stations:)                                                           

Parshat Bo is one of my favorites because it is very cool to me that the Jews made matzo in 18 minutes.  The reason matzo is flat is because they did not let it rise and they could make it faster.  The reason that the Jews needed to make it faster is because they were afraid that the Egyptians were going to come after them and Pharo was going to change his mind. They didn’t want to stay and be slaves anymore. This is why we only eat matzo on Passover.  I like matzo with marror.