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Parsha Shmote is one of my favorites because it is very cool to me that the Jews made matzo in 18 minutes.  The reason matzo is flat is because they did not let it rise and they could make it faster.  The reason that the Jews needed to make it faster is because they were afraid that the Egyptians were going to come after them and Pharo was going to change his mind. They didn’t want to stay and be slaves anymore. This is why we only eat matzo on Passover.  I like matzo with marror. 

Why 3rd graders should have their own Ipads.


I think it would be awesome if 3rd graders had Ipads. You can trust me! I know that 3rd graders would love to do work with Ipads and I am a 3rd grader. If 3rd graders had their own Ipads it would probably be a little bit calmer. Everyone would have their own Ipad so we wouldn’t need to share.

We wouldn’t need any note books because we could use note book apps on the Ipad. That would save paper. Also we wouldn’t need any math books because we could actually use a note book app to do math on the Ipad.

What if it is time for recess and it’s raining? You could play on your Ipad . Also you’ll probably learn about the Ipad and you could help your family and class mates if their having trouble you could help them.

I hope you agree with me! Ipads are amazing!!

image credit: CC0

By Damian Morys from New York City, United States – Aventador., CC BY 2.0,