Fourth Grade was a Blast!

We just finished the fourth grade. I just wanted to talk about how much I loved fourth grade. It is such an awesome experience. We had 4 different classes, with all different teachers! We had a Language Arts teacher, a Math teacher, a Science teacher, and a Hebrew teacher.

InĀ Language Arts, we did a lot of things. First, I learned how to read really big books. Also, we got to make AR goals so when you are reading, you try to reach that goal. You also got to learn how to write a 5 paragraph essay. We also learned how to take notes, and not copy what we looked up. It is a really fun class.We did something called the Daily 3, in Language Arts class. The Daily 3 is when there are 3 rotations. The first rotation is reading. The second rotation is writing. The last rotation is word work. In reading, obviously, you READ! In writing, we can write about anything. I usually write about my weekend, or maybe something that I might be doing, things like that. Then, in Word Work, we do things with words, like word searches, or maybe a game on the iPad. It is really fun!

We also got VPK Buddies. We each got our own buddy. The first time that we got to see our buddies, we got to do something like an interview. It asked what was your favorite TV show, color, food, and more. Then, they got to interview us with the same questions. We usually got together with them on holidays and sometimes every 4 or 5 months. My buddy was Lizzie, she is also my cousin.

Hanukkah Party with our Preschool Buddies _-1 (1)

In Social Studies, we learned about the history of Florida. We mostly worked on Fort Caroline, and then we went to Fort Caroline! It was so much fun. Then, we made a whole ebook on Fort Caroline. We each got a topic and got a partner. My partner was Elad. In social studies, we also did something called SOLE. It is when you have a question and a group and you look up the answer and make a whole poster about it. You can add images. It is really fun. We also do current events. Current events are when you go on Dogo News and you find an article and do a whole project about it. It is so much fun!

In Jewish Studies, we learned a lot, but my favorite part was doing my own Parshat. What I mean by that is we each got assigned a Dvar Torah, which is the same thing a a Parshat, and we did a whole project on it. We had to write a whole summary about the parshat, a life lesson, and we got to make an activity! Here is the link to My Parshat.

We also got to do the Science Fair. I did the project Making Crystals. I did it with Jasmine and Rebecca. We got third place! It was so much fun.

photo (8)


We also got to train to be patrols. In patrols, you have to be a good student. My whole class got it. It was the first time that a whole class got it. We all got into two groups. Then, with those two groups, we got into more groups. One big group trained one week and then the other group trained another week. My trainer in the morning was Jamie and my trainer in the afternoon was Evie.

photo (9)

That is all what fourth grade is! If you are going into fourth grade you will have a blast. If you have already been in fourth grade, did you like it?


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