My Life As A Reader

Reading is my life.

“Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.”  ~Author Unknown

I enjoy reading because, when you’re reading a book, it can take you to a totally different world. Inside a book, you can experience things you never imagined.  Books can open your eyes to things you would never even think of considering. They can teach you and entertain you and inside a book, you can meet the most amazing people. If there was no library, I’d probably go broke from buying books. I absolutely LOVE reading. What would I do without books?! How else would I get to Hogwarts???

Some of my favorite books:

  • Harry Potter Series
  • Twilight Series
  • Pretty Little Liars series
  • Airhead Series
  • Wolves of Mercy Falls Series
  • Clique Series
  • Alphas Series
  • Percy Jackson Series
  • Prophecy of the Sisters Series
  • anything by Sarah Dessen
  • Gallagher Girl Series
  • I, Q Series
  • Uglies Series

If I tried to type the rest, I’d be typing until next year. 🙂

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Muslims in Minnesota

“That’s nice,” said the woman. “Friends. Would have been nice if Adam and Eve was like you two, one white, one brown. We’d all be beige by now. Less chance to hate.”

“I don’t know,” said Jennifer. “My dad says people always find ways to hate.”
– Michael Winerip, Adam Canfield of the Slash


This morning we Skyped with kids in a school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The kids were Muslim, the first Muslims I, personally, have ever met. I didn’t really know what to expect; I had no idea what they would look like, how they would talk – for all I knew they could have walked in with horns on their heads. It turns out, they were quite similar to us. The only differences you could see right from the beginning, were that the girls wore head coverings and the kids generally had darker skin than ours.
The purpose of the Skype was to give us information about Muslims and their religion. Mostly, we learned that our religions are pretty similar. We can’t eat pork, we believe in most of the same prophets, and pray multiple times a day. The big differences were really just how we dressed and prayed, and how we, as Jews, don’t believe in Jesus and Muhammad as prophets.
There are people in this world that may refuse to sit near Muslims or Jews. Why? In what way are Muslims, or even Jews like ourselves, so different from Christians? Our world is full of misunderstanding. If someone is just a little bit different, they are then made fun of. There is so much hatred in the world. Some is rational and some is irrational. Rational hate would be us Americans hating the people who were behind 9/11. Irrational hate would be us hating every Muslim we see, just because they are Muslim. What is the reason behind it? It’s the same as saying you never want to speak to a German again because of the Holocaust. That person could be totally against Hitler. Never judge a book by its cover; those who do may miss the best read of their life.

Before we started the Skype session, I didn’t know what to expect. In all honesty, I was kind of afraid of how they may treat us. After all, Jews and Muslims don’t always get along. So, I was a little surprised at how nice they were. In this essay, I like how I use quote because I think that there is a quote for everything, and I was happy to find one to match this topic. Even though in the quote it focuses on the color of your skin as a base for hatred, I tend to focus more on the last line, where Jennifer talks about how her dad says hatred will always find a place in the world. I think that Jennifer’s dad is completely correct. No matter how irrational the hatred is, it will still be a part of our world. People will always find something to hate, whether it be the color of your skin or your religion.

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I’m a Snake

I slither slowly around each blade of grass, feeling their somewhat hard edges brush against the scales on my long body. I slide feeling the cool moist earth under my stomach, looking for the most delectable prey I can find. Hopefully, a succulent field mouse will pop up from his home, his beady little eyes darting from place to place, looking for me. But, I am the same shade of pepper green as the grass, impossible to notice – except by a pair of very keen eyes, cat’s eyes. They stalk me through the yard and pounce at just the right moment. I am quick though, so they miss me. But they are persistent and will try again.

I have many predators: the cat, the owl, the humans that live nearby. Whether being chased by a rake or pawed at by a cat, I am never truly safe. What kind of life is this? Living in constant fear, always feeling an urge to check and make sure nothing is behind me. Well ,that is how I live.

The people mistake me for my poisonous cousins, but I have no red next to yellow. I will not kill a fellow. Of course, I also have no red next to black (friend of Jack). So the humans make their assumptions and over-react. ‘A simple garden snake, oh no, call 9-1-1! It’s the end of the world!’ Our population is declining, in some places due to our natural predators and in others, due to the humans. How will we stay alive if all anyone or anything wants to do is kill us?

For this assignment, we had to use sensory details to describe something in nature. I chose a snake because I thought it would be interesting to try and see life from their point of view. I really like the first paragraph describing the snake and its prey and predators because I like the descriptive words I used (example: succulent field mouse). This project was also a lot of fun for me because I really enjoy creative writing. Overall. I thought this assignment was a little silly and fun but still educational because I learned about sensory details. The combination of fun and education is what makes school enjoyable for me.

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Author’s Point of View Project

For this assignment, I had to retell “The Tell-Tale Heart” from a different perspective. I chose to tell the story as the bed. This project really helped me learn two main things. First, I learned that sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, but that doesn’t mean you need to freak out. Second, it taught me that sometimes, simple is better. You don’t always need a special, fancy tool to make good work. Both of these lessons will help me in future projects.

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Matter, matter

Matter, matter it’s everywhere

Liquids, solids, plasma, and air

Matter, matter it takes up space

And it has mass to keep its’ place

Matter, matter not always seen

And it doesn’t have to be clean

A solids’ form never changes

And volume never ranges

Solids vibrate in their place

Never moving from their space

Crystalline solids are 3-D

Their patterns repeat, 1-2-3

Volumes of liquids stay the same

But shapes change to fill their frame

Next to solids liquids are free

But they stay close, they do not flee

If liquids are resisting flow

Then viscosity isn’t low

Gas is always free as can be

It always flies by you and me

No specific volume or shape

You can’t attach it to tape

Plasma mostly lives in the stars

In outer space, somewhere near Mars

Matter, matter likes to change states

A new form is what it creates

When a solid gets very hot

It melts into a liquid blot

When a liquid gets quite chilly

It becomes a solid, silly

When a liquid gets rather warm

Gas will become its brand new form

When gas gets really slow and lazy

Dew starts to form on a daisy

Matter, matter now that you know

Your brain will start to grow and grow

I am proud of this because I had to read it in front of my science class, and, since I am not very fond of public speaking, this was a good way for me to try and overcome my fear. Also, I like the repetition in my poem by saying matter, matter every time I started a new idea. 

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 I chose to put this on my portfolio because I am proud of the way I used art and technology to make a parabola. I made this parabola as a part of our algebra wiki in 7th grade. Until 7th grade, I had never helped to create and add to a wiki. This was a great way for me to learn how to contribute to a wiki and share my knowledge of algebra with the world. You can see the page with all of my artwork here.

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Guns in National Parks

  You’re in a national park, your tent is set up, and now you are just drifting off to sleep. You hear something rustling in the bushes nearby. You get out of the tent and grab your gun. It’s fully loaded and ready to be fired at any threat that might be brought before you. A bear comes through the brush and you fire. BAM! A dead bear is now laying before you.

     A great issue is the fact that now, people can, with a valid license, bring a gun into a National Park. As long as you follow the state laws, you have full permission to have a gun with you. Isn’t the purpose of a national park to protect the animals and nature in the park?


    I’d like to take you to a different park. You are in your tent getting ready for your daily activity. Your loaded gun is right by the edge of your air mattress. You get your shoes from the floor; you tie the right one nice and tight. You pick up your left shoe and accidentally drop it on your gun. BAM! It fires a hole through the wall of your tent, and you quickly jump out to see what you hit. There is a deep indent inside the bark of the tree. Worse, you killed a squirrel and a bird. Too many accidents can come from having guns in National Parks. Animals are everywhere  It is their home, not ours.

    I believe that guns should only be bought for protection, and shouldn’t be brought into nature preserves. There are too many accidents that can happen because of gun ownership and irresponsibility. Even if  the shooting is an accident, you can never go back and redo. There is no rewind button in real life. Those animals you shot in the park, they aren’t going to magically come back to life. That may happen in fairy tales, but; no matter how hard it is to believe, fairy tales and real life aren’t the same thing. Real life can be a cruel place: the hero doesn’t always win.  Guns are dangerous weapons that should be handled carefully and responsibly. National Parks are not the places to have a gun, even if you don’t intend on shooting. Accidents happen all around us.

I chose to put this on my portfolio because I felt strongly about the topic and wanted to share my view with anyone who reads my portfolio. Also, I liked the way I combined creative writing and information in one assignment.

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What does it take to become good at something?

“Practice makes perfect.” That phrase is probably one of the most popular sayings that parents will one day tell their children. I believe that this saying is almost true. Obviously, no one is perfect, but practice does make you better at something. For example, I am a fast reader, but to become a speedy reader, I had to practice reading. Another thing that helped me get better is that I enjoy reading. I like hearing stories about people and their adventures throughout the book. So, I believe that to become good at something you’ve got to practice and at least enjoy some aspect of it.

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