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הבעיה במחנה רמה

כשאני היתה במחנה רמה אני דיברתי עם המדריך שלי המדריך אמר שהפועלים במחנה רוצים ליכרות את העצים ליבנות צריף חדש אני אמרתי שאני לא רוצה שזה יקרה אני רצתי לראש המחנה אני אמרתי להם זה לא טוב ליכרות את העצים  הפועלים הפסיקו שמו עוד פעם את העצים באדמה The End

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My Personal Flag

I made a flag on skitch. This flag is supposed to represent who I am and what I like to do. Well, the sun/basketball represents rising strength and I made it because I love warmth. There are waves because I love going to the beach and jumping over the waves. The sun looks like a … Continue reading »

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Bullying in Jamestown

    I am going to tell you about different types of bullying in Jamestown and how they would compare and contrast to types of bullying in the Digital World. So sit back and relax because you are about to read a very interesting subject!      In Jamestown, there were different forms of bullying then there … Continue reading »

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The Akhenaten Adventure

I just finished reading a book called The Akhenaten Adventure by P. B. Kerr which is the first book in the Children of The Lamp series. I love the authors style of writing and how he emphasizes characters and their way of expression. If I could give a real review on this book it would compliment … Continue reading »

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Old Goals

Here are all my old goals, I am going to tell you if I accomplished them or not. My Old Goals 1. To get into 6th grade. I haven’t accomplished this goal yet because it’s not the end of the year yet. 2. To get on honor roll at least once. I accomplished this goal because I … Continue reading »

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The Homestretch of The School Year

     I am about to show you three of my best pieces of work in Language Arts, Jewish Studies, and Math. I think I have transitioned really well into this semester and done very well in my work. Here is the evidence of it. Jewish Studies           This assignment was for … Continue reading »

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Citizenship and Work Habits!


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