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Giving On My Own Accord

Posted by on February 15, 2016

This week for my journal, Morah Eta asked me to give an example of how I observe Hiddur Mitzvah. Before I can tell you how I observe this mitzvah, you need to know the meaning of Hiddur Mitzvah. Hiddur Mitzvah is the act of taking a regular mitzvah and beautifying it or making that mitzvah your own. There is one mitzvah I can think of off the top of my head that I have personalized and made my own. That mitzvah is giving Tzedakah.

Usually, when I give Tzedakah, I am prompted to by one of my parents, but a few months ago, I started giving on my own accord. Every time I had change left over from something, I would put it in the Tzedakah box. Nobody reminded me to do it and it always made me feel good when I did do it because I had made it my own. Every time I gave Tzedakah, I put it in a special Tzedakah box that I was given for my Bar Mitzvah and that made the mitzvah of giving Tzedakah feel that much more full of meaning and beauty. In conclusion, even the simplest of things can be made beautiful if you really put your heart into it and give on your own accord.




One Response to Giving On My Own Accord

  1. Edith Horovitz

    When you decide where to give the money you save i would love to know where you give it. I always have a hard time deciding!

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