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Friendship to Love

Posted by on December 11, 2015

     Mrs. Teitelbaum wanted me to post this essay on the Book Thief because she thought it was so good. It is basically about how Rudy and Liesel’s friendship progressed to love. I hope you enjoy!

     As many of you know from the book, Liesel and Rudy became friends instantly when they first met. Between soccer games, stealing food and books, and calling each other names like saumench, they have had a very good friendship, but as they got older things began to change. They reached their teen years and things became a little bit awkward as Rudy’s love for Liesel started to grow. At first when Rudy asked Liesel for a kiss, he was very young and didn’t really mean it as much as he started to when he became a teenager.

     The narrator in the book, Death, says a very perplexing statement which is this: The only thing worse than a boy who hates you is a boy who loves you. This statement means that as a young girl, Liesel thinks that boys are gross and that if one loves you, that is even worse. As she grows older, she realizes that she doesn’t have that kind of mindset anymore. All her life, the people she loved left her whether it was by accident or on purpose so her strategy is to not love Rudy because she thinks that it will make him stay around and not leave.

     I think it is also difficult for Liesel to love Rudy because they have known each other since they were little and it would be a little weird. It is kind of like someone in our class dating another person in our class who we have known our whole life. It is also difficult for Liesel to love Rudy because as I said earlier, she is afraid that Rudy will abandon her if she loves him even if that isn’t the case. I believe that it is in our human nature to have irrational thoughts and even if they don’t make sense, we still listen to these thoughts. 

     At the end of the book, Liesel does realize that she loves Rudy. In one of the last scenes before Rudy dies, she wants to kiss him badly, but doesn’t have the guts to. Then, Rudy is killed in the bombing and she regrets it. She finds his dead body and kisses him. Then, she tells Rudy’s father what she did. The reason she did this is because maybe she wants to relate to him in some way. By that, I mean that she can now relate him because they have both lost one of the people that they loved the most.

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