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A Tanach Blueprint

Posted by on December 8, 2015

This week, for our journal, Morah Eta asked us to write about what we would do if we could plan our own Tanach class. First, I will explain to you what a Tanach is. The Tanach is a Hebrew Bible and what Christians call the “Old Testament”. The Tanach has 3 sections in it. The first section is the Torah or the Hebrew Bible. The second section is called Nevi’im or the book of prophets which contains a small book on each prophet. The last section of the Tanach is called Ketuvim which contains proverbs, psalms, and other books/scrolls. That is just a basic summary of what a Tanach is.

If I was creating a lesson plan for my Tanach class, I would focus more on the in depth meaning of the text and not just seeing how well you can translate it from Hebrew to English. I would also try to start a dialogue with my students about a piece of text that I found thought-provoking and I think they would too. I would give tests only a student’s understanding of the text and daily class grades would depend on whether each student participated in the discussion. I would probably study the book of prophets with my class because I think they would find that the most interesting seeing as how they already learned most of the main stories in the Torah from elementary school.

I would want my students to get a few things from my Tanach class. One thing I would want my students to get from my class is a life skill on how to start a dialogue and take a conversation deeper. Another thing I would want my students to learn is how to truly understand the text in the Tanach by asking them questions about it and engaging them in daily class discussions. If I had my own Tanach class, that is how I would plan it.

2 Responses to A Tanach Blueprint

  1. Marci Rogozen

    I am thinking about ways to make room for more discussion while still working on skills. Thanks for your imput!

    • Marci Rogozen

      Would whoever is moderating this, please fix my typo in the comment and delete this one. Thanks!

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