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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Be the Light in Someone’s Life

This week, we are celebrating a Jewish holiday called Chanukah. It is holiday about miracles and how the Maccabees had a very small army, but still managed to fight off the Romans. That is a miracle in itself. We light a Chanukiah which is like a candelabra but has 8 candles instead of 7. There … Continue reading »

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Friendship to Love

     Mrs. Teitelbaum wanted me to post this essay on the Book Thief because she thought it was so good. It is basically about how Rudy and Liesel’s friendship progressed to love. I hope you enjoy!      As many of you know from the book, Liesel and Rudy became friends instantly when they … Continue reading »

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A Tanach Blueprint

This week, for our journal, Morah Eta asked us to write about what we would do if we could plan our own Tanach class. First, I will explain to you what a Tanach is. The Tanach is a Hebrew Bible and what Christians call the “Old Testament”. The Tanach has 3 sections in it. The … Continue reading »

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