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Doing Teshuvah in a Dream

Posted by on September 16, 2015

This weekend, I missed Friday at school and all of Rosh Hashanah because I was getting my wisdom teeth taken out, so Morah Eta said that I could write about how I made Rosh Hashanah meaningful without attending services. I instantly knew the answer. While I was recovering from surgery, I had a peculiar dream. I was in the sanctuary of the synagogue with our executive director, Don Kriss. In my dream, I told him that I was sorry for what I had done. (I will tell you what I was sorry for in a minute.) He forgave and hugged me. Then the dream ended.

I told Mr. Kriss I was sorry in the dream because I have not always thought the best of him. I used to think that he was mean and tried to get me in trouble on purpose. Now I know that this is not true and he was just trying to look out for me because I reminded him of himself as a kid. Mr Kriss is not well and may not have much time left. Last night, my dad went to see him at the hospital and gave him my message. My dad said that Mr. Kriss he had tears in his eyes. Even though I was not able to attend Rosh Hashanah services, I did my own Teshuvah in a way. I believe that God helped me say sorry through a dream because he knew that I might not get another chance. So with that in mind, I wish you all a sweet new year.

One Response to Doing Teshuvah in a Dream

  1. Edith Horovitz

    That is amazing. I am so happy for your that your dad was able to deliver your message to Mr.Kriss before he died. I know that it meant a lot to him that you cared enough to own your behavior and apologize to him. I am sure that it meant a lot to YOU that he accepted your apology and understood. What a meaningful way to spend Rosh Hashana!

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