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Risky Bonding

Posted by on September 8, 2015

It all started on the last Sunday of camp in the morning. My friends and I were sitting down to eat breakfast in the Chadar Ochel (Hebrew word for dining room), when we came up with the idea. “Guys, this is our first summer in the older aidot (Hebrew word for age groups) and we have got to make it memorable,” said Josh. I could tell what he was thinking before he even said it. “We should all sneak out tonight!” exclaimed Josh excitedly. “I heard that there will be a lot of security and Geoff might even be out tonight,” stated Jonah matter of factly. “Geoff is the camp director.) Jonah was the friend in our group with the most common sense, but sometimes ruined the fun of things. “Come on dude, don’t be such a wuss,” I said nonchalantly. “I’m just using logic!” he fired back. “Ok,ok,” I retreated. You just couldn’t win with him.

“Anyways, who’s with me?” asked Josh. Itamar (Itamar is my brother) and I could tell without looking at each other that we were both going. One of our new friends, Drew, said that the would go. Jonah had already stated his opinion about the subject so he was out of the question. Caleb said that he would go, but I could tell that it was more about peer pressure than actually wanting to go. Let’s fast forward to a few hours later on that night. The idea of sneaking out had kind of lost it’s flame throughout the day because we didn’t know what to expect. There could be a lot of security and we wouldn’t know until we got caught. At the last minute, Caleb decided not to go because he said that it was foolish, but I knew that he was frightened of being seized. That left Drew, Josh, Itamar, and me to pull it off.

We decided to wear all black. Now that I look back, we were definitely overdoing it but that wasn’t apparent at the time. We sprinted out of the bunks and ran down some steps through a stream, while always making sure we were watchful. We started going to different bunks, but decided to amp up the risks. First, we went back to the bunk to gather more kids. Another Josh, a kid named Elan, and a kid named Jared came along. I didn’t like them very much at the time, but we bonded through that eventful night. There were now seven of us in the group and we decided to go up to a part of camp called “Lakeside”. This part of camp was exposed and had more security.

All seven of us walked to the girls’ bunks (which can get you in big trouble at camp) and took selfies with the girls. Then, as we were walking back down “Lakeside”,  a golf cart suddenly squeezed to a stop at the bottom of the stairs. Everybody split up at the same time in different directions. Josh and I hid in the trees. A security guard slowly walked up the stairs with a flashlight, looking in every nook and cranny. I’ll be honest with you. I thought that I would wet my pants at that point because the implications of what we were doing finally dawned on me. He literally shined the flashlight at Josh and I, but by some miracle, he didn’t see us. As soon as he left, we ran back the way we had come and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the night. In conclusion, Jonah regretted not coming with us and he promised to sneak out next year. Even though I got a giant rash after camp because of it, sneaking out on the last night of camp with my friends brought us together and the experience will be engrained in my memory forever.

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