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Reflection on Book Commercials

Posted by on May 13, 2015

What is a book commercial you ask? Well, the whole concept of book commercials started at the beginning of the year. In a book commercial, you are supposed to advertise your book by giving a small summary while still leaving important information about the book out. Also, you tell the audience why they should read the book and what you thought of it. The goal of these book commercials is to enhance public speaking skills and also bring kids out of their comfort zones when it comes to trying new books. It helps to be out of your comfort zone when you are finishing your A-Z challenge because you will have to read many books that may not always interest you. The book commercials definitely helped me complete my A-Z goal and enhanced my public speaking skills.

At the beginning of the year, when I had my first book commercial, I was very nervous. I had not spoken to very many groups of people before. It was awkward to be the center of everyone’s attention. Sometimes, I would forget what I was saying because I got distracted by the faces in my class. I learned that you can look ahead and not get as distracted, but it still looks like you are making eye contact with the crowd. I had a lot of trouble with my hand motions in my first book commercial because it was hard for me to think about using my hands while talking about the book. After my first book commercial, I practiced speaking to myself clearly in a mirror while looking straight ahead with confidence. It did the trick.

I have made great progress in book commercials since the first time I was assigned one. I have learned that even if you make a mistake while speaking to the class, you should just breath deeply because it calms your mind and start where you left off. Also, Mrs. Teitelbaum told me that it made her dizzy when I swayed while talking so I have learned to put my hands on a table to steady my movement and put my mind at ease. I think that book commercials have really helped me. I have made great strides in speaking to public audiences and I don’t feel as nervous in front of a crowd anymore. There are still a few things I need to work on though.

I still need to remember to slow down during my book commercial so people can actually understand what I am saying. The other thing I still need to work on is to think of a better ending to rap things up. It reflects on my whole commercial if I don’t have a good conclusion to back up all my material. Although I still have a few things to work on in book commercials, I have made much progress and feel that doing book commercials was completely worth it even if it took a lot of work. As my blog says, “If you believe it, you can achieve it!”

One Response to Reflection on Book Commercials

  1. stephanie teitelbaum

    This is a great reflection. Please remember to add your video to your post. I definitely think you have made so much progress this year. Keep it up.
    Mrs. Teitelbaum

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