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My “Twin”

Posted by on April 23, 2015

Have you ever speculated that you and your personalities are identical to a character in a book or on TV? Well, I have and it’s strange how coinciding I really am to a fictional character. The person I would pick is from a book called Variant and the main character is named Benson Fisher who has to conquer difficult odds. This book is very engaging and you should read it, but I’m here just to talk about Benson. He has so many traits similar to me that I don’t know where to begin, but I will try.

I can be very inquisitive and questioning just like Benson is in the book. Sometimes, my curiosity can get me into predicaments just like him. In the novel, everyone around Benson is living a lie and he is the only one that seems to be concerned because nobody else is interested in the truth behind the lie. I belive that being curious is a marvelous thing if you want to learn the truth just like Benson. Another similarity we have is a tendency to stumble upon important things by accident. Let me tell you more about this.

In the book, Benson accidentally discovers that his girlfriend is a robot which sounds genuinely deranged, but it happened in the book. I also have an aggravating and sometimes helpful tendency to stumble upon things by accident. For instance, my parents put a parental lock on the TV and I accidentally stumbled upon the code to that lock. This ability of mine can be very useful, but it can also get me into trouble.

The final trait that Benson and I have in common is being honest to a fault. In the book, Benson is very honest and it is almost fatal. I am also particularly skilled in this trait. Whenever I get in trouble, I am always honest even if I committed the crime. As you can see, Benson Fisher and I are like two peas in a pod!

In conclusion, Benson and I are very similar. We are both inquisitive, have a tendency to stumble upon things by accident, and we are both honest to a fault. Each listed example above proves that we are alike in many ways. That is why I believe Benson Fisher is similar to me.

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