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The Perfect Candidate

Posted by on April 17, 2015

     This week, Mrs. Teitelbaum assigned us a new writing assignment to prepare us for high school. She gave us a topic to write about and then we just sat down and started brainstorming with a pencil and paper off the top of our heads. The topic was that if you could choose a celebrity to come and speak to our school, who would it be and why? I wrote it in a letter form to Rabbi Rogozen. Here it it:

Dear Rabbi Rogozen,

Have you ever longed to captivate the whole school’s attention in an instant? If your answer was yes, then I have an innovative idea for you. We should cordially invite a celebrity to our school; and help guide him to inspire and motivate the students. My choice would be Shaquille O’Neal, the NBA basketball player. Let me explain to you my reasoning.

Shaq is as tall as a tree and has a heart the size of one. I would choose him for a numerous amount of reasons. He is charismatic and adores children. Also, Shaq is an eminent influence on kids and can show them how to strive for their goals. Shaq was put down many times as a boy for his height, but kept getting back up. He is a model of perseverance. I know a lot of values he could teach the students as well.

First of all, Shaq could instruct the students on how to be grateful for what they have. He grew up in a grungy neighborhood surrounded by gangs and drugs; so he knows how it feels to be in an unlucky situation. Also, Shaq could teach about perservering. He never gave up when people told him he was worthless on a basketball team. He strived for his goals which is how he got to compete in the NBA today.

Shaq has inspired me in many ways. He has taught me to keep pushing forward and achieve my goals no matter who criticizes me. Shaq has also inspired me to be confident and believe in myself. Not only did Shaq play basketball, but he also starred in two movies and recorded a platinum rap album. He has demonstrated to me that you can do anything and be anything if you put your mind to it.

In conclusion, Shaq is the ideal celebrity to come and speak to our school. I truly believe that he can inspire the MJGDS and teach the student body life long lessons. We need to learn the important values that he has to offer. That is why Shaquille O’Neal should come and speak to our school.



One Response to The Perfect Candidate

  1. stephanie teitelbaum

    This is a very well written persuasive essay. You followed the rubric and truly convinced me that Shaquille would be the perfect celebrity to come. Too bad this is only for the purpose of writing, I would love to meet Shaquile and here what he has to say. Keep up the nice work.
    Mrs. Teitelbaum

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