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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Testing Blues

This week in math, we worked on a lesson that had to do with solving for y and x. It was pretty hard. I hope that I can understand it before the big math test coming up. At first, I was very confused by the whole lesson we were learning and I’m still a little … Continue reading »

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My “Twin”

Have you ever speculated that you and your personalities are identical to a character in a book or on TV? Well, I have and it’s strange how coinciding I really am to a fictional character. The person I would pick is from a book called Variant and the main character is named Benson Fisher who has … Continue reading »

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The Perfect Candidate

     This week, Mrs. Teitelbaum assigned us a new writing assignment to prepare us for high school. She gave us a topic to write about and then we just sat down and started brainstorming with a pencil and paper off the top of our heads. The topic was that if you could choose a celebrity … Continue reading »

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Story with Holes

Question: A famous scientist was awarded a government prize for his invention of a new weapon. He decided to invite a number of his friends to a party in the lab. For entertainment, he provided a juggler, an opera soprano, and a ballet dancer. At the height of the evening, all the guests were suddenly … Continue reading »

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