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Planting For the Needy

Posted by on February 8, 2015

This week for our mitzvah trip, we traveled to a place called The Bridge. It is downtown in a not so nice part of Jacksonville. The purpose of The Bridge is to help underprivileged kids. They provide assistance with homework, a snack, and then dinner. There are no grocery stores near the bridge so they have to walk for miles to get to one. The only vegetables they can get are ones in a garden down the street from them. We planted vegetables at this garden to help people who need something to eat. This has a few Mitzvot entertwined in it. It is Tzadakah and Baal Tashcit. This has to do with Tu Bishvat because that is the holiday where we celebrate the birth of the trees. We are observing this holiday by giving birth to more trees and planting them. Happy Tu Bishvat!


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