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Killing of Teenage Boy Shocks Neighborhood

Posted by on December 17, 2014

The 7th grade class just finished reading a great novel by S.E. Hinton called The Outsiders. Then, we were supposed to write a newspaper article on an important even in the story. Here is the article that I wrote.

Yesterday, a teenage boy, identified by his friends as Bob was killed in gang violence. The feud was between two gangs called the Socials, or Socs for short, and the Greasers. We have interviewed some of Bob’s friends and family about this atrocious act.

“It was horrible, but I really can’t blame the kid who did it because we were riling him up and drowning his friend in the fountain,” said Randy, one of Bob’s good friends and a witness to the scene.

“Bob was probably drunk at the time because he’s usually a really nice guy, he just sometimes gets out of control,” said Bob’s girlfriend, Cherry Valance.

No Greasers were found that were willing to talk to the media, but someone told the authorities that the criminals were heading towards Texas on the guarantee of anonymity. We give our condolences to the members of Bob’s family. Anyone who has information, we urge you to report to the police as soon as possible.

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